Meet Odie!

Odie made it out of the shelter and in to the most amazing foster home ever! Her foster mama Natasha had in fact inquired about fostering her to the shelter and was told a rescue group is about to pull him.. by that time, the family who had offered to foster him ended up in isolation due to COVID, and thanks to Meaghan , one of our adoptive moms and a volunteer both for OPR and the shelter , Natasha contacted me and we met up and the rest is history!

Odie was later seen by amazing Dr Gonzales of @thewholepetvet and we scheduled surgery the next day to remove a mass cell tumor near his thigh and a couple of round cell tags on his mouth and one on his belly. He did really well during the procedure and is now recovering at home, while we wait for the biopsy results.

I am so happy we were able to help rescue Odie.
He’s one of the sweetest I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. We think he lived on the streets with his homeless human….He now has the option of any one of several beds (with heating pads) around his new digs and we couldn’t be any happier for him.

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