Jack now lives in Northbrook, IL

Jack’s lucky day came when he met Helene and Dimitri in July.

He was originally from Oklahoma, but was transported to the Anti-Cruelty Shelter in Chicago in May from the Tulsa SPCA, when Oklahoma was experiencing terrible floods. The staff at ACS was working to help Jack come out of his shell and contacted One Planet Rescue to see if they could find this handsome gentleman his forever home.

Helene and Dimitri’s dog Lindsay had recently passed away, but they were kind enough to meet Jack one Sunday afternoon at their home. When we brought him over, he quickly made himself comfortable and became Helene’s shadow. We asked if they would consider fostering him, and Helene said they might; but as the afternoon went on, the maybe turned to possibly, and soon after, yes! Jack moved in that very day. In fact, he never left!

For a month, Jack was a well-behaved, quiet foster dog. He got along with the two resident cats Bootsy and Brownie, and he was well-liked by Helene and Dimitri‘s family, particularly their 2 grandsons. Jack did fine with other dogs, but he wasn’t very interested in them. Until 6 month old Pixie came to visit.

Pixie was also a rescue that Helene’s vet thought would be a good companion following Lindsay’s passing. Helene took Jack for a ride when she went to meet Pixie. Each took a liking to the other, so Helene brought Pixie back to her house the following week. Despite having met Pixie before, when she came home, Jack was clearly happy.

Like a big brother, Jack was patient with her and showed her the ropes around the house and yard. And like a puppy, Pixie ran circles around him and often chewed on his neck in an invitation to play. Soon after her arrival, 2 year old Jack transformed into a playful dog himself and would be the one inviting Pixie to play. They spent their time inside laying together on the couch, occasionally sharing a chew toy. It was pure joy watching the two of them happy, together.

It was not long before Helene and Dimitri decided to adopt both Jack and Pixie. We are so grateful to them for opening their home to Jack. And we’re thrilled for Jack to have to have found not only his forever home but also his best buddy!