Annie now lives in Olympia, WA
Annie came from a bad situation in California and was later brought to Washington and fostered through One Planet Rescue.  We had recently lost a Border Collie and our other Border had gall bladder surgery and we were unsure about her future. We looked on line and found Annie close to us. We went to see her and decided we would like to adopt her. It is a very good interview, visit, etc. before you are considered an adoptable parent… we passed. We were very impressed with the attachment the foster has established, she pulled off the side of the road after dropping off Annie and cried.. super that this group has such caring and devoted persons!!  Having been a Petsmart manager, I really appreciate the depth OPR puts into finding a forever home.  That was 9/11/18. She is a Border Collie, she is busy busy busy, very alert, attentive, and aware. Although she still has her moments, e.g.hates UPS, USPS, garbage trucks, she has evolved as she has aged and is not as wild as before. She  also hates the vacuum cleaner. She has taken a chunk out of my Dyson and, she can open the doors in the house. She is probably the most affectionate pooch we have ever had, when we go anywhere, she does suffer from separation anxiety.. but the reunions are great. She is bringing us a bunch of joy and happiness and also has made our older Border almost a kid again.

— Jim and Jackie