The Joys of Fostering for One Planet Rescue: A Testimonial

One Planet Rescue provided us with the most fulfilling experience of our lives.

I have visited some of these lucky dogs in their forever homes and they are all thriving and living out the rest of their lives as beloved members of a devoted family. Farah Ravon, founder of One Planet Rescue, has never met an abandoned, injured or distressed dog that she didn’t think was worthy of rescuing, fostering and ultimately finding a loving forever home.

Farah’s love and devotion goes beyond the animals and straight into every foster families home. One Planet Rescue will work tirelessly with all of their foster families to provide everything they need to be loving, satisfied, and successful.

During the 4 years that my family fostered dogs, they provided us with behavioral training (via positive reinforcement) for two dogs for over 6 months, boarded our fosters several times (at her home or with other foster families) when we were on vacation, found a donor to pay for a custom made dog cart for a dog with rear leg paralysis, found a dog masseuse, and so many more special services.

They also provided us with information on the best products (eg: food, treatments and vaccines, allergy products, and beds with good support). This list goes on and on. Anything and anytime we needed help with our fosters, One Planet Rescue was there. They accompanied one of our fosters to Minnesota when they had found the perfect home. They supported us 100%, even when we gave up fostering and rescued our own forever dog.

If you have questions or are interested in fostering for OPR, please contact Farah Ravon: