Meet Arlo! He was found as an injured stray on the streets in Mexico. A Good Samaritan went to his rescue as his eye was badly injured. Unfortunately that eye was removed and once he recovered, the wonderful local rescue group reached out to OPR to take him on.

The foster in Mexico said the following about little man Arlo:
“Arlo is a sweet and friendly dog. He was housebroken when he stayed with me. He loved to play with other small dogs. And with bigger dogs who were also playful with him. He ignored the cats and seemed to love kids. He is a smart and cuddly boy. He adjusted well to seeing with one eye. He is brave and noble. One of my favorite foster kids.”

He’s been hanging out with another wonderful family since his arrival in the US, and here’s what they have to share about Arlo:
“Arlo is a playful and very loving dog, he loves to be held and loved on and is always in a constant state of excitement. He is young so sometimes he gets carried away when he’s playing, but he is quick to listen. He needs a lot of attention when he moves in to a new home, to learn to rules (potty training). He loves playing with other dogs and gets excited to meet any dog he comes across”