Bodo & Pambe

Bodo and Pambe now live in Silver Springs, MD
Back in early March 2018, Atticus, our beloved cat of 15 years passed away and left a void in our lives. Our home felt so empty until we found Daisy, aka Bodo, on the One Planet Rescue website. We adopted Bodo in the end of March 2018. The moment we brought her home we knew she was special. Although she is a tripod, she runs like she has all four legs. She is so full of energy and we knew we couldn’t keep up with her. She needed a companion.  So we reached out to One Planet Rescue and found Pambe. We adopted Pambe in November of 2018. Pambe is also a tripod, but that doesn’t stop him any! He jumps on everything and just as mischievous like a normal four legged cat. He was a perfect match for Bodo. Watching them play together warms our hearts. It’s never a dull day when they are around. We are truly blessed to have both Bodo and Pambe and are very grateful to Farah and her team of awesome volunteers for bringing them into our lives.