Easygoing Brawny is both a gentleman and a goof. He is a gentleman that greets people politely and will gallantly kiss a lady on the hand. But he is also a goof who will wiggle happily as he waits for his treat, do zoomies through an open field, and curiously investigate everything!

Brawny arrived at the San Jose shelter as a stray in October and was overlooked for eight months. Despite his extended stay, Brawny never lost his manners or his positive attitude. It is easy to see why he was a staff and volunteer favorite. Fortunately, Brawny was rescued by OPR. He is now getting his allergies treated, has put on a little more weight, and is being pampered with all the loves and cuddles he deserves

Brawny is very affectionate. He is comfortable with both men and women, and always is happy to make new friends. Brawny is not possessive; on first meeting, a volunteer was able to sit next to him and scratch his back while he munched on a bully stick. In fact, when she stroked his ears, he stopped munching his treat long enough to give her a kiss!

Brawny walks on a loose leash without pulling and sits at gates and doors until you tell him it is ok to walk. He is very good about ignoring small animals, such as squirrels, while walking. He already knows off, catch, fetch, leave it, and is working on crate training. He loves treats (which makes him highly trainable!) and takes them gently.

Brawny is not reactive to other dogs. When passing another dog on a walk, he will politely sit and wait for a treat until the other dog has passed. He plays nicely with other dogs, and especially loves wrestling with his foster brother! Brawny would make a good older dog-brother in any family, as he is able to gently, but firmly, issue appropriate corrections to other dogs’ misbehavior.

Brawny is 4 years old and just over 70 lbs.

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