BuBu now lives in Brooklyn, NY
When Bubu first came to us in June of 2018 he was frightened. He had seen some of the worst of humanity on the streets;  then he was rescued and saw the best of humanity. Still he had to protect himself by growling\barking. Walking him was stressful as he barked at everyone. I hired trainers but still there was little improvement. Naturally I love him no matter his behavior and each day we both struggled. And people in my bldg have been so patient thankfully, as he continues to bark at them! Now, one year later, Bubu is not yet totally over his fears but is better and my patience has increased. Here are 2 photos. The one in the park is recent; the portrait is just before he came to me. He is my little guard dog!! And I am grateful to Fatah and One Planet Rescue for the great work they do rescuing these sweet souls. Hugs and love, Sharon and The Pack WOOF!

— Sharon Azar & Norman Guberman