Meet Casper!

This sweet pup was found running loose in a busy neighborhood, and ended up following a Good Samaritan and her dog to their home. She took him to the shelter to be told they’re way too full and that after a 72 hours hold, he may be put to sleep! She decided to board Casper in her neighborhood boarding kennel , where we (One Planet Rescue) have one of our dogs being boarded at. We go there daily to walk our dog. The other day, the kennel staff approached me and told me Casper’s story and asked if we could help take him on. I reported the dog found (via email) to our contact at the shelter and am now looking for a foster-to-adopt home for our boy. He is still a puppy, so potty training is a work in progress – he’s already taken to the crate and does really well in there. He’s being crate/potty trained – needs someone around to keep the consistent schedule to avoid any accidents in the house or in the crate. He’s very smart, and we may even have a potty trained puppy by the time we identify his foster-to-adopt home.

He is great with other dogs (all sizes) , cats and all people he’s met thus far. He’s 41.8 pounds now , but we have a feeling he has another 20 pounds to go … Casper is very smart and playful.

If you’re looking for a young dog and have the time and patience to enjoy the puppy stage, using positive/reward based training, Casper may be the right dog for you.

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