Two words come to mind for 1.5-year-old Fox Terrier Mix Domino: friendly and easy.

Domino immediately jumps up to kiss his new human friends, and especially loves playing with the kids in his foster home. When making new dog friends, he can keep calm on leash but is ready to have a blast the second he and his new BFF reach the dog park. He even befriended his foster sibling, a dog known to take a long time to accept competition. (Of course they made friends, who could hate that sweet face and those goofy ears?)

Domino is so easy to train, his foster family suspects he may be a genius. He is leash-, crate-, and house-trained, learned “sit” and “touch” in less than a week, and is already learning “lay down” and “watch me.” Domino would benefit from a little more training, specifically on not hogging treats, attention, and the couch! He is very treat-motivated, so he can learn anything with positive, reward-based training.

Domino’s friendliness probably saved his life: Born on the streets of Mexico, he befriended a storekeeper, who championed him to a local rescue, which loved him enough to send him to us. His ideal home would have an active family. Please help us learn more about you and your household members by filling out our online application: and we will arrange a meet and greet.