Frizzy was found as a stray. Signs were put up, we reported her found to the shelter, yet no one turned up to claim her. We placed her in a home with 2 large dogs .. it took her half a day to overcome her fear, and she soon became part of the pack. There are so many things to love about her. Her giant eyes look right into your soul. Her little face with the underbite makes us laugh all the time. She is very cuddly, she loves to sleep right next to your head or shoulders. She is definitely smart. She is great on leash and can take long walks.She goes on a 2 miles hike almost every day and she keeps up with fast pace without a problem. She likes nothing more than to be close to you. We think she’d be happiest if she could be in someone’s arms all day long 🙂

She isn’t a huge fan of men and does try to nip heels when she first meets them but she does warm up after a while and won’t do it at all with someone she knows.

If you’re looking for a sweet, smart and funny love dog, who likes to park on your lap or very close to you, Frizzy may be the one! (video shared here was taken the first day we rescued her)

If you are interested in adopting Frizzy, please fill out this form to arrange a meet and greet!: