Gracie is a super sweet senior dog. She really likes just hanging out with people, even new peopleshe doesn’t discriminate. She’ll follow you around the house to see what you’re doing but settles down fast once she figures you’re going to stay put for a while. If you’re looking for a TV companion, this is your girl. She loves being on the couch with you or is just as happy to be on her dog bed near you (she also loves having that extra blanket on her bed to curl into).

The highlights of her day are meal times and going for short walks. Gracie always knows when it’s breakfast or dinner time, she’ll remind you when it starts getting to that meal hour. She’s great on the leash, typically it’s a slow walk and she doesn’t pull on the leash but occasionally you may have to redirect her as she still has a great nose and may want to pull in another direction to check out something interesting. Gracie does this extremely cute “happy dance” where she stomps her feet and puffs her breath in excitement. We’ve never heard her bark but she makes lots of happy sounds when you give her love.
She does well with other well-mannered dogs, yet is still independent and would be fine as the only dog.

We’ve only done a few car trips so far and she settles down in her seat quickly. Bath times have been easy. We’ve done baths at home and she’s great, we’ve also taken her to a self dog wash station at our local pet store and she just goes with the flow and doesn’t mind the other people or dogs that are present.

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