Hana is a very sweet little 6-year-old dog who was being used for breeding and confined to a small cage for years. She was rescued by a good samaritan who was told that Hana had a large, inoperable mammary gland tumor and only had months to live. One Planet Rescue stepped up for Hana, and their vet found that the tumor could actually be operated on. She underwent successful surgery and is now ready for a new beginning as a healthy, happy pup who is free for the first time in her life.

Despite her harsh beginning, without love and care from humans and limited contact with other dogs, Hana has an easy-going, upbeat personality and has been busy exploring her expanded world. She gets along with other dogs but will initially try to act tough with the big ones as a method of self protection. Once she learns that they are friends and mean her no harm, Hana is more than happy to relax and join in doggie playtime. She has even learned to love doggie sleepovers, where she happily shares her bed. However, Hana’s love of her fellow dog friends doesn’t extend to cats, who she sees as inferior critters.

Hana is making up for lost time. She’s definitely a lover, not a fighter. She deserves to be doted on and loves being brushed, petted, and massaged. Hana also really loves to be carried around by her humans and will blissfully become totally quiet and relaxed, like a sleeping baby. She pays her humans back for their love by doling out plenty of kisses and tail wags. Hana also likes walks, playing at the dog park, and riding in the car.

She is well-behaved, crate trained, housebroken, and is quickly learning basic commands. Hana is eager to please her humans and appreciates all that they do to help her experience the good things that life has to offer her. To arrange a meeting with Hana, please fill out our online application: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow