Meet Jojo, our adorable little lady’s man! Jojo was rescued from an abusive family overseas and spent some time in boarding facilities until he could make the big trip over to California. He’s a 5.5-year-old Havanese mix who weighs about 20 pounds and is a mellow guy who enjoys walks, zoomies, and rolling on his back. For the most part, once he’s had his morning exercise, he’s just happy lounging beside you. He does need to be taken out every few hours to avoid accidents in the house.

Jojo does great with dogs of all sizes and cats, though he doesn’t really engage with them or play yet. He would do fine as an only dog or in a multi-dog household. Of course, he loves getting treats, which is useful for training. He loves to learn new things and responds well to positive reinforcement training methods. Because of the trauma that he has experienced early in life, he is very hand shy and will growl and even bite if he is startled, cornered, and scared. He’s crate trained and we have started having him sleep in there at night.

Because of his abusive past, Jojo needs time to trust new people, and he definitely prefers women over men. For that reason, we feel this cutie would do best with an experienced female guardian in a home with no small children, and commitment to using positive reinforcement training methods to teach Jojo new and desirable behaviors and tricks and to help him see people and the world out there in a more positive and friendly light.

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