Thrilled to announce Loki is now home furrrrever! Loki was abandoned at an east bay dog park and eventually dropped off at the nearby shelter. He spent 7 months at Contra Costa Animal Services until one of their volunteers reached out to OPR to take him on. He was a sweet dog but had terrible skin which wasn’t attended to for months if not years. He also seemed to have chronic ear infection. We spent thousands of dollars on our special boy by taking him to a dermatologist first and with special diet, lots of TLC, and weekly ear check ups by Dr Gonzalez of Kirkwood Animal Hospital, our boy started to look better and gained the weight he had lost and eventually found his forever dad Ethan and his roommate Guarav. They love having him around and we couldn’t be any happier for all of them! A special thanks goes to Wendy (volunteer at the shelter) and to Desiree & Ian for agreeing to take him on as fosters in the first place (or we would have never been able to pull him) and later to Guiti & Alexei who were the reason Loki gained weight, exercised several times a day, became all buff, and started to look better and better every day!