Lucky now lives in Edgewater, MD
When Lucky first came into our lives, he was an anxious, energetic, 7 month old puppy, who was still growing into his long limbs and adjusting to life in the US. His long journey had understandably made him nervous around new people and he was often apprehensive about getting into vehicles or going on walks that were too far from the house. His Farsi was much better than his English ( and thanks to him, my boyfriend’s now is too) and he had major separation anxiety. Though he knew some basic commands, he was often too distracted and anxious to listen. Throughout it all though, he was the sweetest and most affectionate puppy you could imagine. He immediately took to our Shepherd mix, Gunner, and settled into his new life fairly quickly. Although we had originally planned to just foster him temporarily, once Lucky came into our home we both knew there was no way we could let him go. 

Lucky loves to run, and can turn almost anything into a toy. Everyone who meets him falls in love with those big expressive eyes and his goofy personality. He loves to cuddle with his brother and his humans, and will smother you with kisses every chance he gets. The amount of love this sweet puppy has for the humans around him is incredible. Everyday when we pull up to the house after work, we see his little face in the window and his tail wagging waiting to get his hugs. He loves his new back yard, and terrorizing the neighborhood squirrels, and going to visit his grandparents. Perhaps my favorite Lucky story – several months ago, we learned that Lucky loves Aretha Franklin. Every time he hears one of her songs, he freezes in his tracks and lays down and listens until he falls asleep. 

We are so grateful for the love, joy and laughs Lucky has brought into our lives. In the short year we have had him, his anxiety and social skills have improved drastically. He loves going on long walks and meeting new people and dogs, and showing off his goofy personality. But perhaps his favorite place to be is cuddled up with his big brother and pawrents, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

— Darya & Jimmy Safai