SF Bay Area

Max is a 3 year old neutered lab who is a sweet, playful, and affectionate cuddlebug looking for his fur-ever home! Max was surrendered by his previous owners as they didn’t have enough time to socialize him. Unfortunately his current foster family lives in an apartment building whereas Max would thrive best in a home with a large yard.

At home, Max loves being around his people. He loves playtime (tug, fetch) as much as he does cuddling up with his humans and asking for scratches and belly rubs. When his foster parents are working, Max is very content snoozing next to them or close by. Max can be a bit of a shadow-dog and will follow you around the home, even to the bathroom! He is house-trained (knows to potty outside) and has a good grasp of basic commands (sit, stay, down, leave it). He’s working with his foster parents on waiting to get the “OK” before eating and he’s doing very well!

Max’s lack of socialization as a puppy has made him afraid of the big world outside the comforts of home. While loud noises don’t scare him (OK with the Caltrain going by), Max is still learning how to walk on a leash without reacting to scary things like other dogs, strangers, cyclists, and basketballs. He has made some progress and is looking for an experienced family to help him continue with his training needs. He will do best in a home with a large yard, with no kids, the willingness to continue with Max’s training needs using positive reinforcement training methods, and live in a quiet neighborhood where he doesn’t have to run into too many dogs in close proximity during his walks.

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