PLEASE NOTE: AS LONG AS THIS BIO IS UP, that means Otis is still available. We are going through tons of applications, SO we will NOT be responding to any calls, emails, inquiries and will ONLY be reviewing applications we receive via: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow

Otis, a 5-year-old toy golden doodle, seeking a fur-ever with previous dog experience. This loyal little boy follows his humans around the house. He can be very snuggly, but likes to initiate the snuggles and does not want to be picked up. Otis is playful, funny, and loving, and just needs a guardian who will understand him and will be sensitive to his needs. Otis really enjoys learning new cues and behaviors and responds well to positive reinforcement and force-free training methods. He can stay home without getting into trouble, but It’s important to have the right set up so that he doesn’t feel the need to guard the house or bark at passersby. Otis is happiest when he gets adequate daily physical exercise and mental stimulation – long walks, sniffaris, training, off-leash running and playing, playing fetch, agility, and working on fun puzzle toys are some examples of the activities that would satisfy his need for mental and physical stimulation . Otis already is potty trained, walks well on the leash, has a great recall, and knows some basic cues such as Sit, Come, and Drop. He is smart and food motivated enough to shine at more challenging activities, but needs positive reinforcement training methods and absolutely no punitive methods or corrections. Otis can at times be fearful around unfamiliar people and animals, although he may be able to overcome his fear through positive reinforcement training and appropriate socialization. We are happy to show you how to introduce new animals and people to him so that he will warm up to them with more ease. When proper introductions aren’t possible, Otis will communicate his discomfort and fear by barking at “scary” people, or showing his teeth at dogs that make him uncomfortable. He will do well in a home with guardians who are fluent enough in “dog body language” and can understand his signals when he is expressing different emotions as well as his warning signals. When he feels safe, Otis enjoys meeting friendly dogs and people, and simply retreats when he becomes uncomfortable. Otis loves the resident dogs in his foster home, and he can be just as happy as a single dog if his guardians can spend time with him, exercising and training him everyday, and really showing him the good life that he so deserves. He is fine around cats, and so far he has ignored every cat that he has met. He was re-homed after his previous family welcomed a baby. Now he is looking for an active home (no young children) who can commit to lovingly and patiently working with him, and helping him with becoming the confident dog that we know he can be. We will only contact qualified families who submit our online application: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow and will answer all your questions during our phone interview.