8+ year old Dachshund mix Peanut is a small, sweet lady who enjoys walking, playing and of course, napping! She was a little overweight when we got her but she has been steadily losing weight due to her daily 30+ minute walks. Peanut is an easy going girl, who enjoys going for walks and running around the backyard. She will solicit attention by play bowing to you and asking you to play with her. She enjoys snuggling up with toys and people and is content to sleep most of the day away and be active when you are active.

Peanut has cloudy & dry eyes for which she is given eye drops daily. She is a sweetheart when receiving the drops and does not resist medication. Baths and wearing clothes however, are not her favorites! Peanut is quite polite, and not much of a barker. Peanut is working on her potty training, as we believe she was either kept as an outdoor dog or pad trained.

Peanut would be a good fit for a variety of pet parents, including families, couples or single people. She is very playful and friendly and gets along well with dogs and children. She’s full of life, ready to play when you’re in the mood, and content to nap when you’re away.

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