Pepper II

Pepper II now lives in Elk Grove, CA.

Pepper is the third rescue dog I have had.  There is always a risk involved and I have been very fortunate in every adoption in getting excellent dogs.  Pepper is not anything like I thought I wanted!  I wanted a white, curly haired, pure bred, lap dog (HA).  Pepper is a mixture of black and gray with “Picasso patches of white” under a long-haired Shit Zhu coat.  If I had seen her coloration after her first hair cut, she probably would have been named “Patches”.  She is a dog with an interesting personality.  It is obvious that she has been abused somewhere in her past, but she is slowly overcoming some of her fears.  She is very smart and was the top of her Obedience Classes.  Pepper has an attitude and wants to be the boss.  She demonstrates this by putting nose as far as she can to the ceiling or retreating to her favorite pad in the bedroom.  It is hard not to laugh at her.  I love her and I know she loves me, but she is very careful about showing it.  It would be wonderful to know her story.  I think that God placed us together for a special reason.  We both were looking for love and Pepper is learning how to trust it. She was the perfect dog for me.  She will be 2 years old on December 15.  Pepper is also on a diet since she has gained 2 lbs. since she came here.  That we have in common too.

— Nancy B.