Rio is a 9 month old Airedale Terrier mix puppy who was found stray on Del Rio Dr in San Jose and that’s where he got his name from. . His now foster family thought that he belonged to someone in the neighborhood when they first saw him. Then they came back an hour later and saw that he was still standing in the same spot, too shy to ask for help. They took him home and called him Rio. He was so thirsty that he drank 3 bowls of water and took a long nap. Unfortunately he had no chip, collar, or name tag, and nobody came looking for him. He was reported found at the local shelter and still no inquires about a lost dog matching Rio.

He is smart, energetic, funny, and healthy. He is good with other dogs, loves humans, and loves playing with his toys. Rio hasn’t had any formal training and is looking for a home where his guardian(s) are active, and are willing to take him to training classes and/or hire a professional dog trainer right away to help them with training and understanding Rio using positive reinforcement, reward-based, science-based training methods.

His foster parents are working on house training him. He is comfortable in his crate and knows “Sit”. He does well in the car. He loves toys and is crate trained. He is neutered and vaccinated now.

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