Ryder now lives in Pacific Grove, CA

Ryder found his furrrrever loving family!
Boy was he popular!
We received tons of applications for our gentle giant. Even from out of state!
We met several wonderful families. This part is one of the toughest parts of our work in rescue: Choosing the home we feel most fit for our cats and dogs. Sometimes I wish we could clone them and make all families happy! Ryder ended up going home to Anna & Jake in beautiful Pacific Grove!

Here’s what his new dad says about him: “A little while ago, Anna and I began talking about adopting a dog. Initially we planned on and looked at small dogs exclusively.. until Anna fell in love with an 85 lb. American Bulldog from One Planet Rescue.
We decided to rescue Ryder, and after almost a week, the big, cuddly goof has already stolen our hearts completely ♥️ — his favorite activities are snoring loudly, jumping in the waves at the beach, and following me into every room I walk to”

— Anna & Jake