Be prepared to fall head over heels for this boy! Meet Ryder! He is a 2yr old neutered American Bulldog! He is a very sweet, sensitive, playful, gentle, and loyal dog around the people that he knows and trusts.

He was pulled from Placer County Animal Shelter and then adopted into a loving home, however, he did not do as well as we thought he would in his new home. We learned that living in an apartment building where he hears and sees outside noises and activities all the time is too much for him and causes him to stress and react.

He is shy when you first meet him but give him a little time and you will see the spunky personality we’ve come to love! Ryder was someone’s family dog. He lived with another small dog and a cat. Kids too … although the family realized he’s no longer a puppy and couldn’t handle his size and weren’t able to socialize and exercise him so they decided to surrender him to their local shelter. He was really never socialized outside of his home and property, so he started learning to walk outside and meet other dogs and people in his foster home and then in his most recent home. He has come a long way but is still learning to not feel startled by the people or the dogs who surprise him or look intimidating to him on the walks. He will do best in a quiet neighborhood where he doesn’t have to run into too many dogs in close proximity during his walks, and a dog-savvy family that is willing to continue with his training using positive reinforcement training methods only.

If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle giant bully, Ryder may be the one for you. We would like to move him to a foster-to-adopt home, so we can all learn all about him and work with a trainer as needed, and then we can finalize the adoption.

To learn more about Ryder and to arrange to meet him, please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application: