Samantha is a sweet senior pittie. As soon as you meet this cuddly couch potato, she will flop down for a belly rub or shove her head under your hand for ear scratches!

Gentle, friendly Sami likes everyone she meets. Only adults in your home? That’s fine with Sami because they usually have the treats! Live with some teenagers? Great, that’s someone to run around the yard with! Small children? Their faces are at the perfect height for kisses! Although Sami will give an alert-bark when a stranger comes to the house, it’s all for show: as soon as you introduce your friend, that’s Sami’s friend, too!

Sami knows all her basic commands, and always is eager to learn more. (Learning comes with treats, after all!) She currently is working on lengthening her “stay.” That’s a hard one for Sami because she always wants to be close to her people.

Sami would love a home with a dog-sibling. She enjoys playing with dog buddies in her foster home and at the dog park, and is so friendly to new dogs that the animal shelter used her as a tester! (If you are looking for a second dog, Sami’s brother was surrendered to the San Jose Animal Care Center after OPR pulled Sami: Sami even has been known to share her toys with other dogs.

Sami has a touch of arthritis in her back legs, but is still quite active. She loves to run and play at the dog park, and hasn’t let her senior age slow her down!

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