Shonsee now lives in Chicago, Illinois
She was adopted in April of 2017. Sometimes in life what appears to be a horrible situation from the surface turns out to be a very good thing. Such is the case with our beloved Shonsee (Persian translation- “second chance” or “lucky”). I am not privy to all her early puppy hood circumstances living in Iran, but what I do know is she was living on a construction site. Most likely being groomed to guard the materials. One day the workers came to the site and noticed Shonsee was not moving. She had been seriously injured by a moving vehicle and her leg was broken. She was transported to the animal hospital where surgery was performed inserting rods and pins in her leg. She remained at the hospital for a couple of months until Miss Farah decided she needed a better life and had American in her sites.

Having lost our former adopted Iranian dog to cancer a month before, our family once again sought Farah’s help in finding us another dog. She mentioned Shonsee to me and I felt she was a good fit. A week later I stood at the International arrival gate at Chicago’s O’Hare airport anxiously waiting her arrival. When we took her from the crate I was surprised how thin she was. Her injured leg had healed yet was suffering from muscle atrophy. She was very frightened from the trip and wanted nothing to do with the United States busiest airport.  When we approached the set of automatic doors and she threw herself belly down with all four limbs extended out as if she’d slipped on ice, I knew I had to carry her. Thankfully she was only about 40 lbs. then.

After a quick bath in the tub once we got home she was ready to take her well-deserved long walk. I will always remember her looking up at me about every three minutes with her large brown eyes as if to say, “I don’t know you, but I have a feeling this is going to be okay”.

Six months later Shonsee has acclimated very well to America. She is very popular with the regulars at the dog park. Interior decorating is her passion as she rearranged throw pillows from one location to another throughout the house. Most recently she has discovered that skunks are not her friend and what can happen when she gets too close to one in the early morning hours.

Thank you Shonsee for giving us the daily opportunity to experience unconditional love.

— Yvonne Formel