Simba & Aria

Simba and Aria now live in San Jose, CA
Our story started with me (Emily) telling Luuk, “yeah I like all of them except #5 (Simba!).” And boy was I glad Luuk didn’t listen to me because Simba was one of the best additions to our family along with Aria.

Both Simba and Aria are true to their sighthound breed; reserved, independent, athletic, and loyal pups to their family-which was why we fell in love with them. They live for runs on trails and know when it’s time to relax at home – which we truly appreciate!
Simba came first and took his sweet time warming up to us. Luuk and I were determined to make him feel comfortable in his new home so we took the time to learn how to train him and soon enough he became our best friend. Well after two years, we had the itch to add another rescue to the pack, so along came Aria. She is an absolute princess and complete trouble maker with her big brother however she is such a sweet companion to have in the home.

Training these two has proven difficult however the reward is entirely worth it. The best part of any day is getting to see these two run sprints around a field or down a trail. They provide the laughs we need after a hard day at work and love we need when we feel down. Who wouldn’t want paws in the face and dog kisses in bed at 5:15am? They are our family and I cannot imagine a day without Simba and Aria.

Thank you One Planet Rescue for providing our family the missing pieces to our home.

— Emily & Luuk