Snowy is a sweet girl that came to OPR from Mexico after she was found tied to a tree starving with her recently born pups. San Pancho Animals brought her and the pups into the rescue. After her puppies were all adopted, she was brought to the US and is currently being fostered.

Snowy has since gained some weight and is a healthy 44lbs, spayed and as happy as they come!

The vet is guessing she is 4+ years old, although her mexican records say she’s 2. She is a gentle, kindhearted dog and she will look at you forever with her soulful eyes thanking you for loving her. She is slowly coming out of her shell and will hove bouts of energy that has her prancing around like she is in a parade!

She is finally learning to be a dog! She will find a quiet corner if the dogs she lives with are too rowdy but will play energetically with her favorite dog. Every day, she builds up her confidence but her shyness is still evident when meeting new people and dogs.