A fellow animal advocate tagged @oneplanetrescue sharing info about Sonny. “Can any rescues help? Saw this boy on Nextdoor. He’s 13 & incontinent. Anyone have any experienced fosters willing to help? Please let me know ASAP!!!” Apparently this is what was noted in the Nextdoor post: “My grandfather has a dog that he can no longer take care of. It’s a sweet dog who loves to be pet but also suffers from separation anxiety. He can’t use his two back legs and can scoot himself around but we have a stroller available that we can give with him. We are keeping him temporarily but can’t look after him for long. If any one has the ability and time to take him in, or any leads on a place that could take special needs dogs, any help would be much appreciated!” Thanks to @filomenafarmssj who without hesitation agreed to fospice Sonny for us, arrangements were made and I met up with the volunteer who brought him to San Jose from Half Moon Bay Area. Sonny wasn’t sure what’s going on, where next … he was trembling and panting the entire way to his fospice home. We gave him some CBD oil and let him decompress. Although he was given a bath yesterday morning, he needed another bath which he got today and is now resting in his crate. Stay tuned for more on Sonny. We hope to show him how to navigate around the farm in his new cart soon! If you like to help us help dogs like sonny, please consider making a donation (link in our bio), and perhaps consider fostering or adopting a shelter dog.