Spunky Spanky is a cat trapped in a dog’s body. He expects regular walks (thankyouverymuch ), wants to sleep near his fur-parent’s bed, and likes attention IF it is given on his terms. But despite his small-dog sass, at heart Spanky just wants love. If he is offered a treat and given the choice about whether to approach, he soon will lavish you with kisses!

Spanky who is guessed to be 7+ years old, has an odd haircut because he had to be shaved from nose to tail. He arrived at the shelter with fur so matted and itchy and painful that he couldn’t bear to be touched. He needs his forever home to be patient, to understand that he will ask for pets when ready.

Spanky is housetrained when he has access to a yard, and crate-trained. He is very smart and understands commands.

Ideally, Spanky will find a home with an experienced dog owner, where he can soak up all the attention.

To arrange meeting Spanky, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application: