I never thought I would fall in love with the “white devil” (nick name given to him by his patient foster mama).

Spanky was brought to my attention when I went to the shelter to evaluate another dog. I was told by my friends w @sjanimaladvocates that this little white dog was in quarantine because of kennel cough but that he was rescue only as he refused to let anyone handle him. As you see from the first picture which is how he looked when his loser family surrendered him, he was matted and probably in a lot of pain. Luckily the shelter vet agreed to let the @sjanimaladvocates team shave him down in hopes he would let them handle him. Well he could be handled but only on his terms. When I went in his kennel to meet him, he stepped back but once he realized I had some yummy treats in my hand, he approached me and soon after, I even got a kiss from him! Thanks to Sami of @filomenafarmssj who has fostered several dogs for us in the past, I was able to pull him. It took us several months before we put him up for adoption as he had a few masses on his little body that we had removed and that’s when the vet told us he had a hernia that needed to be removed too. We now wonder if the pain had anything to do with his devilish attitude! After we put him up for adoption, we received several applications but I had to make sure we find the right home for him. A family who would understand his quirks and someone who would give him his space until he starts to trust the human(s)

Guess what? We found that puuuurfect human for little man Spanky and we couldn’t be any happier for them both.