Meet little Tessa! After weeks of roaming a shopping center in East San Jose, a couple of dog lovers in the community finally succeeded and caught her. She’s been registered as found through the city shelter but no one has reported her missing or came looking for her.

She’s currently being fostered in a wonderful home. She appears to be about 2-3 yrs old, 11lbs and spayed. Although she can be shy with new people and dogs, once she’s allowed time to observe and relax, she learns that she can trust again. Tessa may let you know she needs more space with a snarl or a growl. She is currently decompressing in a home with 2 larger dogs and is enjoying walks as a pack.

Tessa loves toys! If you’re missing a sock or a shoe, check with Tessa! She may have stolen it and snuck it in with her pile of chew toys.

Tessa can get scared with loud noises in new environments and freezes, but with some praise she will likely build her confidence. This sweet girl would benefit from noise desensitization training to help her feel more comfortable in different environments. For now, she’s enjoying being picked up and comforted.

Ideally we are looking for a foster to adopt. Tessa would do best in a calm home with children over 12.

To arrange a meeting with Tessa, please help us learn more about you by filling out: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow