Handsome 9-year-old German Shepherd Turbo is a gentleman with people and other dogs.

If you want a polite pooch who will worship the ground you walk on, then you must meet Turbo! Although he has his breed’s dignified bearing, Turbo has none of the German Shepherd’s typical aloofness. This devoted boy will follow you around the house so he can get a cuddle or chest scratch. For added goofiness, he may bring his toys along – just to make sure you know that he appreciates them!

Turbo is well-behaved and well-trained. If you work from home, he will lie close to you and wait patiently for your workday to be over. If you need to move around the house, curious Turbo will follow to observe you, without getting in your way. If you must leave for the day, Turbo knows how to wait nicely in his crate (although he will make sad sounds to let you know that you are missed).

Turbo has never lived with cats, and hasn’t shown much interest encoutering them when out and about … but if you are interested in our boy and have a cat, we will arrange to conduct a test with one of OPR’s dog-savvy cats.

Turbo may no longer be a bouncy pup, but he still has a Shepherd’s athleticism and energy! He enjoys long walks with his foster family, and keeps up with his younger foster siblings during play sessions. Turbo would be a patient older brother to your existing fur-babies.

(If you are looking for a second dog, Turbo’s sister also is available from OPR: https://oneplanetrescue.com/samantha/)

If you would like to learn more about Turbo and arrange to meet him, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow