8 years old Sweetie lives up to her name as a true sweetheart. She is very good with all humans, loving pets and cuddles and attention. She is also good with children, even if they are loud or grab at her. She likes to snuggle on the couch (or wherever you happen to be). She is not demanding of attention and is also okay sleeping while you work or are busy.

Sweetie is scared of strange dogs and will often bark when they approach her. With proper socialization she is good with other dogs, though prefers humans.

Sweetie is a cancer survivor and was cleared by our veterianarian after the cancer was removed. This does not impact her, as she is very lively and loves walking, snuggling, and running around. Sweetie’s former owners could not pay to take her to a vet, so they took her to the shelter and asked that she be put down. However, we were able to step in and operate on her to remove the large mass on her tummy and she is a happy dog now.

Sweetie would be good in pretty much any home. As she is small (less than 10 pounds) she would be fine in an apartment with appropriate walking time (she really loves her walks!). She would also be good with any number of humans, as she does well with strangers, large families, couples, etc.

If you like to learn more about little Sweetie and/or hope to meet her, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow

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