Foster to Adopt: Rocco

Rocco (all recovered from surgery) now needs a foster (or foster-to-adopt) home! (preferably in Northern California but OK to transport to most qualified home)

Meet Rocco!
Rocco is looking for love! He loves human touch, whether it be a belly rub or a foot to lie on. He is very smart and trainable, food-motivated and people pleasing. He enjoys his quiet time in his crate and goes in eagerly when he needs a rest. He loves relaxing music, which instantly calms him when he gets excited. Surprisingly, he does not bark or get agitated at the garbage truck outside, dogs passing by or the doorbell ringing. He was quite calm when repairmen were inside the house.
Rocco seems to tolerate and enjoy all foods and is best fed out of a big deep bowl. He is quite the sloppy eater and drinker! He is completely house-trained and can go for long periods without a mishap. He is a chewer but can be distracted and redirected to appropriate chew toys. Thankfully, he does not chew on any toy or bedding in his crate! 
He is friendly toward all the human residents in our home, but now that he’s recovered from is knee surgery, he needs a home with active residents who can show him some fun! 
Rocco wants to share his rescue story with you:
A while back, I was homeless and wandering the streets of LA when I got hit by a car and ended up in a scary shelter, where I sat for a whole month with a severely fractured leg. That’s when my friends at OPR came to my rescue and got me the expensive surgery I desperately needed. I’ve recovered nicely and now I hope to find a foster or foster-to-adopt home who is ready to take me out on adventures and show me some fun! I’m a very sweet young boy who gets along with cats, dogs of all sizes, and all humans. I love belly rubs, tug of war games, and giving kisses.

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Foster to Adopt: Harlow


Dear friends and supporters in or near Chicago:
There’s a lovely lady that’s at the Anti-Cruelty Shelter that we want to rescue, but we can’t until we have a foster family (or foster-to-adopt) that can take her in. Please let us know if you can help us help her.
“Hi, I’m Harlow! Named after the famous actress because I’m so beautiful. Don’t you just adore my ears? I’m a calm and gentle 5 year old terrier/pit mix. I’m house trained, and I love to play with toys. I previously lived with children, adults, and dogs. I’m friendly with them all and also well socialized with strangers. I once had a knee injury and have some residual arthritis, but you wouldn’t know it by how I run and play. I also have some seasonal allergies that make my skin itchy, but it’s well-controlled with medication. I’m looking for a family that can give me all the love – and toys – that I deserve!”

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Foster to Adopt: Loki


Sweet, sensitive, energetic, and loving Loki is estimated to be a six-year-old Staffordshire/Lab mix. This adorable guy was brought to our attention by one of the dedicated volunteers of Contra Costa Animal Services. She and other volunteers saw what a great dog he is and were so sad no one would adopt him just because of his skin issues Poor Loki sat in the shelter waiting for an angel to see past his condition for 8 long months. We just had to step up for him! He has been healing in his foster home, steadily gaining weight, and adjusting splendidly to domestic life. If his foster could describe him in two words, they would be “love bug”! His favorite pastime is resting his chin on your arm or leg and looking lovingly into your eyes. To Loki, nothing is better than being with his humans, and he absolutely craves attention and affection. He’s also very food motivated (making training easy) and loves to play with other dogs, large or small. His foster shares, “His intentions are pure and his grace may be missing, but he’s a pure sweetheart. We’d love to see him go to someone local. He’ll always have free baby(dog)sitting with us!”

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Update: Hana

Hana update!
Thanks to amazing Dr Gonzales of Kirkwood Animal Hospital the removal of her mammary tumor was very successful. The histopathology report confirmed a low grade cancer. They got the complete margins so all of it was removed and it hopefully shouldn’t return. The lymph node didn’t show any signs of spread there, so that is also good. We will have to continue to monitor for signs of spread but for now it looks good. When we decided to take her on, we were told she may only have a few months. We wanted her to enjoy the rest of her life no matter how short. We are THRILLED that she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Thank you Filomena Farms for taking such good care of our girl. 

Adopt Me!: Lucky

Lucky is currently being fostered in Santa Clarita, California
Meet Lucky, a smart, healthy 2-year-old pointer/lab mix who is full of love and energy! Barely out of the puppy stage, sweet Lucky gets along well with dogs of all sizes and adores humans. His favorite things are playing with other energetic pups and hanging out with his family members. Lucky is attending basic obedience classes to help him reign in his excitability when he greets people at home and also to cope with his anxiety when he’s left alone. If he has to be left alone for long periods of time, a midday walk from a dog walker or half a day of doggie day care would be essential for him. Also, because of his hunting breed and young age, Lucky pulls on leash when he sees birds and squirrels he wants to chase. Training is the answer to all of these issues, but luckily he’s super smart, eager to please, and learns quickly. He just needs a chance to know that someone loves him enough to get him the training he never had. Lucky is a happy guy looking for his forever family (foster-to-adopt is also an option) and is sure to be a great, faithful companion. He loves people, and dogs of all sizes. He would make an amazing playmate for your dog. Best in a home with children over 12 years old (due to his energy level). Might you be the family Lucky is waiting to love? If you’re interested to meet Lucky, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application:

Adopt Me!: Domino

Domino is currently being fostered in Palo Alto, California
Interview with 8+ years old Domino who was rescued from a shelter down in Southern California:
If I were a food I’d be: a twinkie
Favorite place I visited: a comfy bed!
Favorite thing to do: shadow my people
Car ride or walk: Love being Chauffeured around, but a nice walk will top it off!
Beach or mountains? Either…if it’s on TV
Favorite day of the year: any day I am with you
Motto: what happens on the couch, stays on the couch
What’s your number? 408.431.6954 . Call me!

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Adopt Me!: Jack

Jack (about 2) was transported to the Anti-Cruelty Shelter in Chicago in May from the Tulsa SPCA, when Oklahoma was experiencing terrible floods. He was rescued there from a hoarding situation in Tulsa where he was kept in a small, dirty room with no human interaction. Jack was quite shut down when he came to ACS, and the behavior staff worked with him to try to help him get over his shyness. OPR stepped up to take Jack from ACS and put him in a wonderful foster home where he is coming out of his shell. He has 2 cat roommates at his foster home, and the foster mom’s grandkids (ages 8 and 10) come to visit often. He is now ready to find his furrever loving family.