Hana: Adopted!

We’re so glad we took a chance on Hana. We were told she was dealing with cancer. Her medical records showed she was terminal and may be only has a few months before cancer defeats her. Thanks to Filomena Farms, who kindly offered to provide a hospice care for Hana, we arranged to fly her to the US to live the rest of her sweet life in peace filled with love and TLC. We took her in to be seen by the amazing Dr. Gonzalez of Kirkwood Animal Hospital in Campbell, California, and the rest is history! Although the previous vet said the mammary gland was inoperable, Dr G removed the tumor and our baby girl has a long life ahead of her. Of course her new mama will make sure and keep an eye out for any new lumps. Hana moved in to her new home in beautiful Pacifica, California. Stay tuned for more as we receive new updates!

Cheeta and Buddy

Cheeta was found alone and injured on the street in Tehran. The couple who found her noticed her crawling and unable to walk. They took her to the vet clinic where she was diagnosed with hernia requiring surgery and it was also decided the injured front leg be amputated due to a nerve disconnect which may eventually result in deformation of her spinal cord, frequent wounds and other ramifications. They took amazing care of her post-surgery and reached out to OPR to help bring her to the US for a better future.

Buddy, the beautiful Persian cat was neglected his entire short life while living in a dirty balcony with humans who could care less about him. Thanks to an animal lover, residing in the same complex and witnessing his living situation, they insisted that the family give up the cat and eventually they did. He was taken to the vet. He was suffering from a gum infection which was addressed and later he was moved to a boarding place while we looked for a traveler willing to bring both Cheeta and Buddy to the US.

Due to Buddy’s flat nose, the only way we could put him on an airplane was to find someone willing to carry him onboard. Lucky for us, one of our OPR family members, who has adopted a dog from us, kindly offered to accompany the two cats. Buddy got to travel in style inside the cabin with her.

Our beautiful travelers were welcomed to Washington DC last week. Cheeta had a foster to adopt home lined up for her in New Jersey. He was transported there the next morning, while Buddy is staying with a foster to adopt family in Germantown.

Thank you to everyone who took part in their rescue, including their sponsors, and to everyone who helped transport the cats to their foster homes.

Foster to Adopt: Harlow


Dear friends and supporters in or near Chicago:
There’s a lovely lady that’s at the Anti-Cruelty Shelter that we want to rescue, but we can’t until we have a foster family (or foster-to-adopt) that can take her in. Please let us know if you can help us help her.
“Hi, I’m Harlow! Named after the famous actress because I’m so beautiful. Don’t you just adore my ears? I’m a calm and gentle 5 year old terrier/pit mix. I’m house trained, and I love to play with toys. I previously lived with children, adults, and dogs. I’m friendly with them all and also well socialized with strangers. I once had a knee injury and have some residual arthritis, but you wouldn’t know it by how I run and play. I also have some seasonal allergies that make my skin itchy, but it’s well-controlled with medication. I’m looking for a family that can give me all the love – and toys – that I deserve!”

If you’re interested in adopting Harlow, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application: http://www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow