Alex's Story

Alex, a sweet 4 year old Shepherd from Iran, arrived at Home For Life Animal Sanctuary on Sunday night November 24, and is resting and getting the care and love he so desperately needs. His story started back in Tehran, earlier this year in the summer. He was found outside a home unable to move. A kind hearted young lady found him and took him to a vet where it was diagnosed that the tendons in his leg were badly injured. He was also severely underweight; weighing about 61lbs, he had arthritis in his hips and needed to be neutered. He was kept in the care of the vet for about 2 weeks and underwent surgery to get neutered. One Planet Rescue got involved and with the volunteer network that has helped with countless other rescues we were able to start the process of bringing Alex to the USA where he could get the help he needed. Home for Life has been a sanctuary for many international cases, many from OPR and they agreed to take Alex in and help him recover and gain strength to live a good life.A traveler was secured, an elderly lady who was travelling to Connecticut, however the unrest in Iran caused a lot of worry and delays. Thankfully Alex was finally able to make the 24 hour flight to New York’s JFK. Then with the help of The Liberty Train and Rescue, another volunteer partner, Alex was transported by car to HFL. He arrived tired and sore from the journey but he is now safe and will be well loved and has the best opportunity at an active life. We are always thankful to all the selfless people who help in saving these voiceless ones.

Foster Me!: Shali

Shali (pronounced like Holly) has a chance to come to the US (via San Francisco) just in time for the holidays IF some wonderful family considers fostering her for OPR. Shali is a 2 years old, spayed Sighthound (possibly Saluki) mix. Here’s her rescue story by Sara and her family:
“One night when we were feeding our neighborhood street dogs we saw a few stray ones in the area we noticed Shali. She was wounded and had a hard time walking. She looked hungry too but the other dogs would not let her eat, so I fed her separately. It seemed like she was hit by car on her left side. Her left elbow, left hip, and even her left eye were all damaged. I arranged for someone to take her to the hospital at my expense. But I found out later that unfortunately they only worked on her elbow, and failed to administer her antibiotics, let her lick the wound, so it got infected. The vet warned me that she may even loose her limb if it’s not cared for properly. So I brought her to my house. She was full of fleas and tics. After we got rid of those we brought her in the house and that’s when we realized she was in a lot of pain in the hip area. X-Rays showed that her leg was broken around a month earlier. It required surgery but unfortunately a month later it did not heal as expected. This time she needed a bone graft which did the job. It’s been three months since then and she is walking and running all over the place and shows no sign of pain.”
We have tons of videos to show you how sweet Shali is. Just ask us and we will happily share, or you can find these videos on our Instagram page!

Please spread the word and help us find a foster home for Shali ASAP as she has a potential ride on November 21st. 

Adopt Me!: Poppy

Are you ready to fall in love? Meet Poppy, a sweet, handsome boy who loves to be loved. His energy level is matched by his drive to please. Poppy was rescued from Iran and has been doing wonderfully in his foster home here. He gets along beautifully with all the other pups at his foster home and loves to play. Poppy also loves interacting with humans of all sizes. He even loves to give little kisses to his foster’s 9-month-old granddaughter. He could use some direction on leash, but he’s smart and responsive, so he’s a quick learner.
Poppy is 1.5 yrs old, neutered and more than ready for his forever loving family to take him home. He is currently being fostered in Sunnyvale, California.

If you’re interested to learn more about Poppy or to arrange a meeting, please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application:

Adopt Me!: Loki


Sweet, sensitive, energetic, and loving Loki is estimated to be a six-year-old Staffordshire/Lab mix. This adorable guy was brought to our attention by one of the dedicated volunteers of Contra Costa Animal Services. She and other volunteers saw what a great dog he is and were so sad no one would adopt him just because of his skin issues Poor Loki sat in the shelter waiting for an angel to see past his condition for 8 long months. We just had to step up for him! He has been healing in his foster home, steadily gaining weight, and adjusting splendidly to domestic life. If his foster could describe him in two words, they would be “love bug”! His favorite pastime is resting his chin on your arm or leg and looking lovingly into your eyes. To Loki, nothing is better than being with his humans, and he absolutely craves attention and affection. He’s also very food motivated (making training easy) and loves to play with other dogs, large or small. His foster shares, “His intentions are pure and his grace may be missing, but he’s a pure sweetheart. We’d love to see him go to someone local. He’ll always have free baby(dog)sitting with us!”

If you’re interested to meet Loki, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application: