Adopt Me!: Odie

Obliging Odie is a gentle soul who seeks a similarly gentle fur-ever home. He is so patient that he allows his foster-brother, a chihuahua, to steal Odie’s larger bed!

At 8 or so years old, Odie is past needing constant activity and entertainment. Although he loves cuddles, he is too polite ever to demand attention. Instead, Odie will wait calmly until you have a moment to spare, and be grateful for any time you are able to give. Odie’s foster mom says he is the best dog she’s ever met – including her own! (She is a professional dog-sitter, so that’s saying a lot!)

Odie is quiet, never barking or whining. He walks nicely on leash and is not reactive to aggressive dogs, choosing to turn away from any conflict. Odie enjoys sunbathing and fetch, but his absolute favorite activity is to nap. If you let him nap near you, perhaps on a cushion, he will be perfectly happy.

Odie is deaf and will need a secure yard to prevent mishaps. He could live with older children or other dogs who understand and are patient with his physical limitations.

If you are interested to learn more about Odie or to meet him, pls help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application


Adopt Me!: Makan

Gentle Makan wants nothing more than a human he can trust and love.

Makan is a handsome two-year-old pittie mix. People can’t help but admire his striking hazel eyes and silly ears! Makan looks to his humans for social cues; if you tell him that a person is safe, and that person approaches him calmly, Makan will offer a polite paw for his new friend to shake. For a really good treat, Makan may even give his new friend a nose boop or gentle thank-you kisses! You’ll know it’s true love if he drapes himself across a lap and looks back to say, “I’d like cuddles now, please.”

Makan is smart and enjoys learning new and fun games, tricks, and cues, which makes training fun and rewarding for all involved. He already is house-trained and takes treats gently. Makan also knows his basic cues (sit, stay, shake, high-five, lie down, drop, wait, go find, come and touch).

When he is happy, Makan shows his goofy side by running and jumping in a playful gallop! His ideal home will continue to use reward-based training methods to maintain the cues that he knows and teach him fun and new cues. They will also provide him with daily exercise and mental stimulation by going on walks and sniff-aris and offering him daily interactive food toys or food puzzles.

When he entered the animal shelter, Makan flinched away from hand movement in a way that made us believe that he may have been abused as a puppy. His foster parents have taught Makan that hands can be kind, and now he loves pets! Due to his past experiences, Makan sometimes thinks he needs to protect his home or family from scary nighttime sounds. He also can suffer anxiety if left alone in his kennel for an extended period. However, these issues will resolve with time and training, and Makan’s sweet soul will shine!

Makan shares the property with a dog-friend and plays nicely with him and with other dogs. He sometimes wants to guard balls and toys, but this easily can be managed by playing fetch separately. Makan could live with older children who understand his abuse history. In exchange for kindness, this faithful boy will adore you fur-ever.

If you are interested to meet Makan and/or learn more about him, please help us by filling out our online application:


Meet Odie!

Odie made it out of the shelter and in to the most amazing foster home ever! Her foster mama Natasha had in fact inquired about fostering her to the shelter and was told a rescue group is about to pull him.. by that time, the family who had offered to foster him ended up in isolation due to COVID, and thanks to Meaghan , one of our adoptive moms and a volunteer both for OPR and the shelter , Natasha contacted me and we met up and the rest is history!

Odie was later seen by amazing Dr Gonzales of @thewholepetvet and we scheduled surgery the next day to remove a mass cell tumor near his thigh and a couple of round cell tags on his mouth and one on his belly. He did really well during the procedure and is now recovering at home, while we wait for the biopsy results.

I am so happy we were able to help rescue Odie.
He’s one of the sweetest I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. We think he lived on the streets with his homeless human….He now has the option of any one of several beds (with heating pads) around his new digs and we couldn’t be any happier for him.


Meet Summer!

With most of the animal shelters in California at or beyond capacity, the reality is that often the difference between a dog who makes it out alive and one who doesn’t is a solid foster offer.

Just ask one of our newest rescues: Summer. This sweet girl was picked up as a stray in Stockton, and like so many others, no one came looking for her.

Despite being a shelter favorite, young, healthy, and adorable, Summer was one of the longest-stay residents, and her time was almost up. The shelter even performed surgery on her to fix her entropion (a genetic condition that causes the eyelids to roll inward). She was healing nicely, happy, and sweet, but yet no one came to adopt her. She’d been noticed by one of our repeat adopters who adored her from afar but has a full house that includes two OPR alumni. She made a post for Summer, calling for a foster and hoping someone would fall in love. As fate had it, her neighbor Susan saw Summer’s pictures and offered to foster!

Summer has been at Susan and Andy’s house for a month now, learning how to be a family member. It’s not clear if Summer ever had a loving home, but those days are behind her. We’re so thrilled she gets a chance to know the meaning of love. Stay tuned as we learn more about adorable Summer.

If you’d like to help more deserving dogs like Summer get a chance, fill out a foster application on our site and consider making a donation to our nonprofit. We can’t do what we do without your support!


Please Donate!!


If you’re familiar with the work we do at One Planet Rescue, you know we don’t shy away from medical cases. And unfortunately we’re seeing more and more people abandoning their dogs at overcrowded shelters due to medical issues.

In 2023 alone, we’ve spent over $6,000 on our medical rescues. And due to an administrative issue, we’ve also missed out on a number of fundraising opportunities.

Please help us help these innocent animals in need by making a donation to our medical fundraiser or by becoming a monthly donor to keep us going. We want to continue saying yes to these babies who need us, but we can’t do it without your help.

Here are just a few of the sweet, deserving dogs we’ve been able to help. Dear Turbo came to us needing dental work from a lifetime of neglect. Samantha also needed dental work, in addition to a mass removal. Al Capone had to have a leg amputated due to cancer. Dusky came to us with several cancerous tags and major skin issues. Sweet Happy also had a huge cancerous tumor removed and is now enjoying being spoiled in her hospice home, with OPR’s support, and two of our most recent cases Oliver who was brought to our vet to be put to sleep simply because he was vomiting and had diarrhea, yet they didn’t want to get to the bottom of the cause – is now an OPR dog on a hydrolyzed prescription diet and had a major dental work done yesterday ($1400) and sweet Odie a skinny pitbull who’s been at the shelter since December and his time was up is now with us and will get a full check up next week.

These dogs were all let down by the humans in their lives, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to right that wrong and show them human love and care. If you appreciate the work that we do, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to show your support. Our OPR animals would be so grateful!


Adopt Me!: Juniper

Introducing Juniper! This sweet, adorable 3-year-old girl came to OPR from our rescue partners in Mexico. They had received a call about a litter of puppies running loose in a lot, sadly getting hit by cars, so they came to the rescue. They were able to secure seven of the puppies and searched for mama Juniper until they found her. She apparently belonged to a local family who had never even given her a name in the three years she was with them, and they didn’t care if the rescue took her. Juniper is so smart and loving, we’ll never understand how they didn’t cherish her.

Juniper’s foster mom shares, “Juniper is a cuddly, loving, energetic dog who loves playing with people, dogs, and cats. She’s super smart and figured out the doggy door in a day, learned her eating spot within three days, and came already potty-trained. She’s crate trained but still struggles going in. Once in, she’s a quiet sleeper, but she’d prefer sleeping in bed with you, as she’s an expert cuddler.”

Are you interested in giving Juniper the love and adoration she should’ve had all along? She’s told us that she’s ready to review applications and just knows her perfect forever family is out there somewhere.

We will only respond to folks who submit this application:


Adopt Me!: Turbo

Handsome 9-year-old German Shepherd Turbo is a gentleman with people and other dogs.

If you want a polite pooch who will worship the ground you walk on, then you must meet Turbo! Although he has his breed’s dignified bearing, Turbo has none of the German Shepherd’s typical aloofness. This devoted boy will follow you around the house so he can get a cuddle or chest scratch. For added goofiness, he may bring his toys along – just to make sure you know that he appreciates them!

Turbo is well-behaved and well-trained. If you work from home, he will lie close to you and wait patiently for your workday to be over. If you need to move around the house, curious Turbo will follow to observe you, without getting in your way. If you must leave for the day, Turbo knows how to wait nicely in his crate (although he will make sad sounds to let you know that you are missed).

Turbo has never lived with cats, and hasn’t shown much interest encoutering them when out and about … but if you are interested in our boy and have a cat, we will arrange to conduct a test with one of OPR’s dog-savvy cats.

Turbo may no longer be a bouncy pup, but he still has a Shepherd’s athleticism and energy! He enjoys long walks with his foster family, and keeps up with his younger foster siblings during play sessions. Turbo would be a patient older brother to your existing fur-babies.

(If you are looking for a second dog, Turbo’s sister also is available from OPR:

If you would like to learn more about Turbo and arrange to meet him, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application:


Adopt Me!: Samantha

Samantha is a sweet senior pittie. As soon as you meet this cuddly couch potato, she will flop down for a belly rub or shove her head under your hand for ear scratches!

Gentle, friendly Sami likes everyone she meets. Only adults in your home? That’s fine with Sami because they usually have the treats! Live with some teenagers? Great, that’s someone to run around the yard with! Small children? Their faces are at the perfect height for kisses! Although Sami will give an alert-bark when a stranger comes to the house, it’s all for show: as soon as you introduce your friend, that’s Sami’s friend, too!

Sami knows all her basic commands, and always is eager to learn more. (Learning comes with treats, after all!) She currently is working on lengthening her “stay.” That’s a hard one for Sami because she always wants to be close to her people.

Sami would love a home with a dog-sibling. She enjoys playing with dog buddies in her foster home and at the dog park, and is so friendly to new dogs that the animal shelter used her as a tester! (If you are looking for a second dog, Sami’s brother was surrendered to the San Jose Animal Care Center after OPR pulled Sami: Sami even has been known to share her toys with other dogs.

Sami has a touch of arthritis in her back legs, but is still quite active. She loves to run and play at the dog park, and hasn’t let her senior age slow her down!

If you would like to learn more about Sami and arrange to meet her, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application:


Adopt Me!: Al Capone

Handsome and happy 7+ years old Al is a German Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog/ husky mix. Not only does his breed mix make Al handsome (and SO FLUFFY), it also gives him smarts and great focus. He already knows how to walk nicely on a leash, how to “sit” for a treat and offer his paw for a “shake,” and that he should potty outside! Al loves learning new things and is motivated by high-value treats, so is easy and fun to train.

Because Al was mistreated in his life before OPR, he needs a home where all family members have dog experience and are committed to training using only positive methods. Al is shy at first, but loves getting affection from people he trusts. He will ask for pets by putting his chin in your hand, then rolling over for a chest scratch and belly rub! You’ll know you hit Al’s tickle spots just right when he covers his big grin with his paws. The way to this loyal boy’s heart is through his stomach; if you approach him treat-first, he quickly will realize you want to be friends. Once you are in Al’s trust circle, he will let out his goofy side. He loves to roll around on the grass, catch toys in mid-air, and even to roll around while holding his toys! After a particularly satisfying session of catch, Al would like to cuddle up next to you outside, enjoying the breeze and watching the world go by.

A little back story about our boy: Poor Al was abandoned in a park during a July heatwave, tethered to a tree by a prong collar. He was taken from there to an animal shelter where the veterinarians failed to recognize a cancerous lesion. Al sat in a kennel for four months scared and in pain! Finally he was saved by One Planet Rescue. Al ended 2022 with the loss of his leg, but now is in remission. Al had a particularly rough 2022, and hopes that 2023 brings him a quiet, adults-only home where he can recover from beating cancer. FOSTER-to-ADOPT is an option! If you like to learn more about Al and arrange to meet him, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application: