Adopt Me!: Skippy

Update: Skippy has been adopted!!!

Skippy is up for adoption!

Skippy is a 10+ year old, 15lb Maltipoo mix from Bakersfield Animal Car Center. We were notified about him after he was dumped there by his “family” for showing signs of paralysis. He’s been in foster care for the past two months recovering from IVDD and can walk again! He’s a sweet and calm dog. He enjoys going on walks and exploring the outdoors. He does well with other dogs and cats. He doesn’t care much about toys but he LOVES yummy treats. He gets so excited when he sees other dogs his size.

To learn more about Skippy or to arrange a meeting with him, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application:


Pure and JoJo!

Pure (the blind cat) and JoJo who was first found malnourished and neglected got a chance to taste the good life all the way in America … it took us months to find a volunteer traveler but thanks to our friends at Woofy Wishes, we were offered a chance to bring the kids to the US (via LAX) in less than 5 days. Our rescue partner in Iran, Sara Ghadersahi, and Pure’s guardian, Angel Shanna, got the ball rolling to get all required tests (FIV/FeLV + FIP for Pure, CBC tests for both , and Leishmaniasis & HW tests for JoJo) and then the exit visa … and their boxes and …Their flight was due to take off crack of Dawn on Sunday. Another group was also sending 2 dogs in one crate. Qatar Airways had confirmed 3 crates (1 cat, 1 dog and 2 dogs) and had send us email confirmation with details. Unfortunately the ticketing agent denied boarding all 4 animals and insisted only 3 were allowed to board and refused to even look at the written confirmation Qatar Airways had sent to us! We had to make the tough decision of removing Pure. We are now desperately looking for another traveler willing to help us bring Pure to the US (any major US airport will do as we will handle the domestic transfer).
JoJo arrived at LAX and our wonderful volunteers Zora, her husband Ramin & Jennifer were there to welcome him and he got to enjoy a slumber party at Jennifer and Shawn’s. The next morning JoJo made his way up to Northern California thanks to volunteer transporters Hitasp, Michele and Cheryl. The next afternoon, JoJo ended up settling in with his foster to adopt family and their Iranian dog Luna who we managed to rescue back in late 2015. Stay tuned for more about JoJo. And please do keep us in mind if you or someone you know happens to be returning to the US from Tehran so we can bring Pure out.


Please help support us!

Friends: If you’ve been following our work for any amount of time, you know that we don’t shy away from difficult rescue cases. Whether it’s senior hospice dogs, serious medical issues, or behavioral training, we step up for these angels in need whenever we can. Because we believe that together we can make a difference. But as we all know, the cost of stepping up adds up, and we can’t do it without your help.

We have several ongoing cases right now, and we could really use a few monthly sponsors to lend a hand. Whether you can donate a little or a lot, regular monthly donations ensure that we can continue to give these babies the help they need. Please consider becoming a monthly OPR supporter. It’s easy to set up via our PayPal donation link. (Link in our bio)

Pictured are just a few of our recent cases which require(d) expensive medical procedures and meds for life .. we have also had to invest in a trainer for some of our challenging cases.


Baxter’s update!

Just received this lovely letter from little man Baxter (aka ToTo)!
Those of you who foster(ed) or adopt(ed) from One Planet Rescue know how these kinds of updates and photos totally make our day… It makes all the hard work we put into it so worthwhile!

Hi Farah! It’s Baxter in Montana. Today it snowed a bunch; Angela took a utility sled on a walk because sometimes I get fussy when my feet are cold (ice balls etc), but she says she can be sure that if she brings a sled for me, I’ll be fine walking. It’s when there is no sled that I stand pathetically raising a sore foot and refusing to move 🤣 isn’t that hysterical? We bought a 317 acre ranch a couple of hours from here and will move in April. It’s beautiful, remote, off grid. It is accessed by a 7 mile private road that no one plows so we will all have to get tough and be prepared to withstand a storm. Between Angela’s 5 barn cats and her boyfriend’s 4 barn cats I will have many cats to keep in line. I’ve learned to stay away from donkeys as they kicked me when I was innocently rolling in their poop pile, so everyone is now really cautious to keep me away from yaks. Some dogs are quick but I get so focused on the joy of poop piles that I forget to be cautious, so I’m not really allowed to go out alone. That’s ok, my important job is to Guard The Couch, I’m assigned that role daily and I excel at it.
I like to chase chickens too, but I’ve learned to let them be, and roosters are happy they needn’t keep an eye out for me – really we all know I’m not too scary. I like to think I sorta am, but I realize this is just a dream.
Just thought I’d drop a line to say hi! Hope you’re doing well and staying covid safe.
Love, Baxter.


Adopt me!: Christopher

Music by Carter Vail – Melatonin –

Christopher is a peppy guy who will keep you on your toes! And any wand toy will get him on HIS toes – Da Fish and Da Mouse are his two favorites. He likes to stay active and will always be a willing playmate.

He is mischievous too, and will try to steal your attention at every opportunity! Chris sees just about every opportunity for him to play – and he will playfully bite and swat at your hands…all in high-spirited fun. Just bring out a wand toy and he is instantly mesmerized!

Chris wants to lay on you (or your warm chair!) and loves his head scratched, but doesn’t want you to pick him up; he prefers to quietly sit with you. He will cuddle when he feels like it and usually every night, but it may turn into a wrestling match so you want to make sure to provide Chris a lot of opportunities to play before snugglling in with him. He does not seem to enjoy the company of dogs and he seems interested in kitten friends with a slow introduction.

Yep, Chris is a little dynamo! And was dealt a bit of a crummy hand as a baby; early on, when he was found by a kind rescuer who noticed he had an injured leg. Chris’ leg required surgery and he walks with a bit of an adorable wobble. Being the spunky guy he is, he persevered and can do anything a cat needs to do! His

humans should be cat-experienced (he’s not the companion for little kids), and comfortable with redirecting his attention onto appropriate play things.

He is a firecracker, with a personality to match! Contact us today to arrange a meet & greet with darling Chris, or fill out our online application for a quicker response:


Update: Joe!

Latest update from Grandpa Joe’s wonderful mama:

“Remember our Christmas miracle Joe?
He’s feeling much better now. After a few weeks of rest, 2 rounds of antibiotics and several warm cozy beds, he is all smiles. Now that his sneezing and cough is under control, we were able to do blood work. (Doctor’s finding below) He is getting another round of antibiotics to be sure to rid him of the lingering cough and sneezing. This little guy gets spunkier by the day. He fits in nicely with Arrow (also an OPR rescue who I adopted) , and the two cats. Arrow has been great with ol Grandpa Joe. Stepping aside to let him have some extra pets while he’s been sick. Isn’t it funny how rescue dogs seem to understand when another rescue has arrived?”

We are grateful to Sarah who has been taking such good care of Joe. 🙏😇🐾
Joe’s blood work results: Joe appears to have early stage kidney disease. He has elevated liver enzymes and shows he’s fighting a bacterial infection. The doctor wants him on a low protein diet to help his kidneys. We will be going back for follow up exam after the second round of antibiotics is completed. But all things considered he’s doing well.”


Simba’s story

An animal lover tagged a post from Simba’s family with a title of “Free to a loving home with a home check”! Seeing picture of a beautiful pitbull with a free sign made me drop what i was doing and I read on. Apparently 12 months old “intact” Simba had some unknown medical issues and his family was going through financial hardship and couldn’t even afford to take him in to the vet for an exam. I later saw another rescue group’s name mentioned, so I assumed they stepped forward. Come to find out they had pretty much just provided info of a few low cost clinics. Simba’s owner messaged me and assured me that the rescue group is not taking on Simba. I arranged to meet this sweet boy and the rest is history! Simba’s mom said they know something is wrong because he cries and yelps at night time in particular when he’s laying down. Our wonderful vet doctor Gonzalez tried to examine him but since Simba wasn’t comfortable to get a full exam, we scheduled the neuter surgery for Monday (Jan 4th) and they took full body x-rays while he was under anesthesia. He had spent the weekend with my dear friends and former OPR fosters Azadeh and Craig along with their 2 dogs Ben and Hannah. Simba was very excited and interested in Hannah so he had really good days, but once again at night time and when he laid down, it was evident he’s in pain. We moved him to his new foster home after the neuter surgery (last night). He was still groggy from the meds during surgery, so he did okay last night but tonight he is displaying pain by crying and yelping. We did get the radiologist report:
“X-ray consult came back only with one area noted abnormal on his cervical spine (neck area).
There is narrowing of the vertebrae so it could be a slipped disc possibly. “
If it is a disc impinging on the spinal cord, he would need surgery to remove it
So I plan to take him in to sage ER tomorrow morning. To get further testing done if needed.
Please consider supporting us if you can, so we can handle Simba’s medical bills. 

Edit: A bit of good news is now that we know where the pain stems from, Jill who is fostering Simba is a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Yoga teacher.
She has now positioned him with blankets, while resting will help keep him comfortable. (Last picture in the above album)


Happy New Year!

Dear friends and supporters:

We all know this: Emotionally and intellectually, pets make us feel better. Fostering or adopting a pet from a rescue group or shelter saves a life. And that bond, that thing that inspired countless “Who Rescued Who?” bumper stickers — that’s just the best feeling.

As the Times put it, pandemic pets gave us structure, affection and an excuse to get out of the house. But those have always been great things and will continue to be in 2021, 2022 and beyond. So, even though a lot of media attention was focused on rescued animals through the lens of 2020, it was less of a revelation than a validation of things that pet owners and people in animal welfare already know: Having a pet is great. Fostering or adopting is better. And emptying shelters is the best.

OPR took a small piece of this very difficult work and we managed to pull several dogs from the area shelters since the pandemic.    We are grateful to each and every one who opened their hearts and their homes to take on these cases. 

Together, we CAN make a Difference! 

2020 was a difficult year for many ..  we would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of our rescues who crossed the rainbow bridge:

Mamada, Ahou, Rocky, Roland, Bunny, Chuy, Yogi and Nava 

….you will forever be in our hearts. ❤️💔

Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold. 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year!


Adopt Me!: Buddy

Meet 2 year old Buddy!

Buddy is a young adult German Shepherd who is very smart (don’t tell my Labrador, but he is probably smarter than her) and is eager to learn. After warming up to you, he will seek your attention and love. However, he is also happy to just lay on his bed and chew on a toy if you are busy. His favorite toy is a chicken-flavored bone.

He has been learning Sit, Stay, Come, Name Recognition (Buddy), Down, Leave It, By Me (informal heel), and Off. He learns very quickly and is food-motivated, but not so food-motivated that he will eat all your food immediately, which is nice.

Buddy loves going on long walks and enjoys his training sessions, which provide for some mental stimulation as well.

He is potty trained, crate trained (sleeps in it, goes into it for food and stays with few complaints), and does not chew on furniture. He walks on the leash quite well. He does jump on the bed and furniture occasionally, but he is learning not to do this (working on the Off cue). He gets along well with other dogs. However, he is learning more about other dogs playstyles and building up more social skills to add to his repretoire, through ongoing socialization opportunites and playdates with other well-behaved dogs.

Buddy appears to be sensitive around his belly and groin areas, and can react to an unfamiliar person touching those areas. We suggest that his new forever family to work on desensitizing him to human touch around those areas, after Buddy has bonded with them.

Buddy is most suited to a loving home with an active lifestyle, previous dog experience, a strong interest in positive reinforcement training methods, and no young children.

To learn more about Buddy or to arrange meeting him, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application: