Foster to Adopt: Loki


Sweet, sensitive, energetic, and loving Loki is estimated to be a six-year-old Staffordshire/Lab mix. This adorable guy was brought to our attention by one of the dedicated volunteers of Contra Costa Animal Services. She and other volunteers saw what a great dog he is and were so sad no one would adopt him just because of his skin issues Poor Loki sat in the shelter waiting for an angel to see past his condition for 8 long months. We just had to step up for him! He has been healing in his foster home, steadily gaining weight, and adjusting splendidly to domestic life. If his foster could describe him in two words, they would be “love bug”! His favorite pastime is resting his chin on your arm or leg and looking lovingly into your eyes. To Loki, nothing is better than being with his humans, and he absolutely craves attention and affection. He’s also very food motivated (making training easy) and loves to play with other dogs, large or small. His foster shares, “His intentions are pure and his grace may be missing, but he’s a pure sweetheart. We’d love to see him go to someone local. He’ll always have free baby(dog)sitting with us!”

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Adopt Me!: Lucky

Lucky is currently being fostered in Santa Clarita, California
Meet Lucky, a smart, healthy 2-year-old pointer/lab mix who is full of love and energy! Barely out of the puppy stage, sweet Lucky gets along well with dogs of all sizes and adores humans. His favorite things are playing with other energetic pups and hanging out with his family members. Lucky is attending basic obedience classes to help him reign in his excitability when he greets people at home and also to cope with his anxiety when he’s left alone. If he has to be left alone for long periods of time, a midday walk from a dog walker or half a day of doggie day care would be essential for him. Also, because of his hunting breed and young age, Lucky pulls on leash when he sees birds and squirrels he wants to chase. Training is the answer to all of these issues, but luckily he’s super smart, eager to please, and learns quickly. He just needs a chance to know that someone loves him enough to get him the training he never had. Lucky is a happy guy looking for his forever family (foster-to-adopt is also an option) and is sure to be a great, faithful companion. He loves people, and dogs of all sizes. He would make an amazing playmate for your dog. Best in a home with children over 12 years old (due to his energy level). Might you be the family Lucky is waiting to love? If you’re interested to meet Lucky, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application:

Adopt Me!: Domino

Domino is currently being fostered in Palo Alto, California
Interview with 8+ years old Domino who was rescued from a shelter down in Southern California:
If I were a food I’d be: a twinkie
Favorite place I visited: a comfy bed!
Favorite thing to do: shadow my people
Car ride or walk: Love being Chauffeured around, but a nice walk will top it off!
Beach or mountains? Either…if it’s on TV
Favorite day of the year: any day I am with you
Motto: what happens on the couch, stays on the couch
What’s your number? 408.431.6954 . Call me!

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Meet Ludwig!

Meet our latest rescue, 4 years old Airedale terrier mix “Ludwig”. His dad suffered from a stroke recently and is no longer in a position to take care of his 87 pounds baby. It must not have been an easy decision for him, but folks he knew who had helped take care of him in the last month were keeping him outside and bottom line didn’t have room for another dog, so he reached out through social media. We offered to help as their next option was to put him up on craigslist! I personally met Ludwig and his dad yesterday. Ludwig is such a sweet dog! His fur was matted and he needed a bath. He let me brush him for hours, then a nice bath and nails filed. He later settled in with his new foster mom and her 2 senior dogs. Stay tuned for more as Ludwig will be up for adoption soon! 

Trucker the Teddy Bear

This precious Teddy Bear desperately needed our help. The shelter had named him Trucker and he’s listed as 7 years old. He was picked up as a stray in Apple Valley (in Southern California) with his buddy Lui Lui, and they both ended up at one of the highest-kill shelters in California. Trucker and Lui Lui were in danger of being put to sleep and unfortunately by the time we got there Lui Lui was euthanized. Thanks to Reeva, one of our volunteers who lives in the area, she went to meet Trucker and later that day we asked to pull him. Trucker’s luck turned and Goli, who is also fospicing another one of our rescues named Rocky, stepped up to foster him! 
Volunteers Elaine, Cheryl & Michele each took on part of the transport and Trucker was transported to Aptos where he settled in at Holly’s place last night. This morning he will be driven up to Sonoma County to live with Goli and rest of her beautiful pack.

Thanks to everyone who pledged to save this sweet bear’s life! Without your support, this baby would have been euthanized.
Stay tuned for more after our teddy bear settles in!

Hermione’s GoFundMe Page

Hermione is one of many special needs cats One Planet Rescue managed to bring to the USA. She was born with radial hypoplasia and cerebral hypoplasia. Other than being a little wobbly and having twisty legs, these conditions never effected her and haven’t stopped her from acting like a normal playful kitten. Recently she has been having seizure-like episodes. These episodes seem to be from an issue not related to her radial and cerebral hypoplasia. They’ve caused her to chew at her paw three times in the past year. The last time it was to the point where she had chewed down to the bone. At this point the vet and her mama Shealah decided that the best thing to do would be to amputate the limb. They advised against a partial amputation because it would take longer to heal and there was the chance she would chew at it again. It’s been over a week since the surgery and she has healed beautifully and is already hopping around like before. She’s doing great now and we’re working on figuring out what these seizure-like episodes are so we can prevent them ❤ 
The surgery was expensive and we are hoping we can help Shealah with it. Please consider helping: