Gone, But Never Forgotten

As 2021 comes to a close, we reflect on the past 12 months and in particular on the sweet OPR alumni who spread their wings to soar with the angels. We lost 23 alumni sweethearts in 2021. While we’re heartbroken that they’re no longer with us physically, we’re also so grateful that they had the chance to experience unconditional love and to know that they mattered, many for the first time in their lives. Without our supporters, fosters, and adopters, these 23 angels would never have had the chance. We’re so grateful for the love and support of our community. There are 23 stars twinkling brightly in the heavens tonight. Gone, but never, ever forgotten.


2022 OPR Calendars!!

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Dear friends & supporters,

Our 2022 OPR calendar is going to be a very special tribute to “The Power of Love”!

We’ll be showcasing a number of our rescue animals and showing their transformations from unwanted to forever loved!

Together, We Can Make A Difference! 

All proceeds go toward saving more animals in need. We appreciate your support!


Please donate to help Sweetie!

Sweetie had her surgery today! Poor baby had a huge malignant tumor removed and while she was under, amazing Dr. Boldon went to spay her and found a couple of cysts on her ovaries. He also extracted 4 rotten teeth and her badly infected ears got a deep cleaning and we were sent home with some meds. Sheโ€™s such a trooper! Our dear friend Nan offered to host Sweetie while she recovers from her surgery and she already reported that our Sweetie is sitting up, has drunk water, and is ready for her dinner!

Sweetie was dumped at the shelter by her family who pretty much asked that she gets euthanized. Thanks to the shelter rescue coordinator, Brandie, who reached out to rescue organizations hoping one of us would pull her and take care of her medical.

As always, we can take on these serious medical cases knowing we have the financial support from our friends and supporters. Please continue to be there with us. Please help us help them!




Pure was found in a ditch back on the streets of Tehran, left to die.
A Good Samaritan rushed her to a nearby vet and eventually put her in a boarding place until she reached out to One Planet Rescue and we agreed to take her on.
She arrived at San Francisco Bay Area about 4 months ago. After she decompressed, we got her in to be seen by the eye specialist who recommended removal of her eyes to avoid possible cancer in her later years. Surgery went great and her recovery was seamless.
She was adopted by a young lady who was so excited to bring her in to her home. Pure ended up at the ER that very first night she moved in to her new home and the findings were not good. She had a heart failure.
After running several tests including EKG and echocardiogram, itโ€™s clear she has HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

Except for a few miracle cases, the animal may not survive more than 9-12 months.

We have her on 2 types of medicine that she gets every 12 hours. Her new momโ€™s lifestyle and work schedule would not be the best fit for a kitty who requires medication every 12 hours. She is back with my mom and I go there twice a day to helpโ€ฆ

My hope is to find her a fospice home where she can live the rest of her sweet life with humans who she adores! She LOVES her people and rubs herself against you, kisses you and purrrrrs โ€ฆ

One Planet Rescue will take care of all the medical expenses for the rest of her sweet life.

She would do best as the only cat as she canโ€™t see and if the other cat hisses at her, she will stand her ground (probably since she was a feral / survivor in her younger days)
She has no fear of dogs so she would do just fine living with dogs. She and my dog Patoo spend a lot of time together in my momโ€™s 1-bedroom place when we stay overnight.

Although she may not be with us for many years to come, she will bring a lot of love and joy to your home .. if you know of anyone who may have lost their cat or are looking to adopt a kitten or a fun cat, Pure would be an amazing candidate ๐Ÿ˜ป

Message us on Instagram @oneplanetrescue for a meet and greet if you are interested!


Foster-to-adopt: Bruno

California/West Coast peeps:
This special bear is Bruno and he needs our help! ๐Ÿ’œ Please help us find him a special family to show him the unconditional love he desperately needs. His life literally depends on it.
This sweet boy with the eyes that melt your heart hasnโ€™t had a good life. He needs someone who cares enough to turn that around. Could that be you or someone you know?
Bruno is about 7 (a perfect age!), and is a dream dog in the house. Heโ€™s super affectionate, adorable, and playful. Heโ€™s potty trained, walks well on leash, and loves humans. He has no mobility issues and easily can jump in and out of the car. He has some bald patches on his back and per doctors order, I am giving him medicated shampoo bath twice a week.
The only catch is that he needs to be an only pet. He can be reactive to other dogs and needs a savvy adopter who can manage that. He just needs his space from other pups. Other than that, heโ€™s an absolutely wonderful dog and would make an amazingly loving companion.
Bruno is currently being kenneled because no foster or adopter has stepped up. Thatโ€™s no way for him to live. This angel deserves to have a chance at being a cherished family member and enjoying the joys of living in a home. Otherwise, unfortunately, Bruno is out of options.
Please share to help us spread the word. We know itโ€™s not easy to find a home that has no other pets, but we just know his perfect family has to be out there! ๐Ÿ’œ
For further information, please contact or message us via Instagram or Facebook.


Adopt Me!: Nafas


Meet Sweet Three-Legged Nafas!

If we had to describe this sweet girl in a nutshell, we’d say she’s a very good girl. Nafas is a mixed-breed tripod who’s about a year and a half old. In her previous life, she was a street dog in Iran, but she’s settled into her foster home in San Jose quite nicely. Even though Nafas is missing a back leg, she’s a bundle of energy who loves walks, running laps around the backyard, and playing with her toys.

Nafas (whose name means “breath” in Farsi) is a very smart girl who listens well and has a desire to please. She’s easy to train, and she picked up both her name and “sit” in just a couple of days. She’s also highly food motivated, another perk for training. Nafas walks well on leash and sleeps well at night. She’s even crate trained. What’s more, she loves cuddling, will seek out attention (even from strangers), and is a fan of belly rubs.

While Nafas is a bit scared of cars and loud noises, she’s getting more and more used to them every day. She’s also a bit weary of dogs she doesn’t know, but she’s shown that she can accept them with proper introductions and socialization. Nafas also currently gets an Adequan shot once a month to ensure that the muscles in her one hind leg stay strong.

If you’re looking for an easy-going, fun-loving young pup, look no further than our girl Nafas!

IMPORTANT REQUEST >>> Please help us learn more about you and your household, by filling out our online application


Adopt Me!: Pure

SF Bay Area

Perfect Pure came to us with badly injured eyes that caused vision impairment. She was such a good girl during the ordeal and kept a happy attitude despite the obvious pain and discomfort.

Now sporting a huge smile as well as a perma-wink, she doesn’t seem to know that anything’s special about her. She’s almost 2 years old, a 9 pounds super model and cat-friendly, super affectionate, jolly and full of good vibes. She’s healthy and full of energy constantly playing with toys. Pure is all gas no brakes – headed straight for your lap or even your shoulder!
She loves loves loves food!

Sweet, goofy, mild-mannered and just plain adorable. This girl is ready to begin entertaining adoption applications. Don’t miss out on this girl! She’s a total keeper.

Please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application: ,
and we will contact you to arrange a meet and greet!


Adopt Me!: Skippy

Update: Skippy has been adopted!!!

Skippy is up for adoption!

Skippy is a 10+ year old, 15lb Maltipoo mix from Bakersfield Animal Car Center. We were notified about him after he was dumped there by his โ€œfamilyโ€ for showing signs of paralysis. He’s been in foster care for the past two months recovering from IVDD and can walk again! He’s a sweet and calm dog. He enjoys going on walks and exploring the outdoors. He does well with other dogs and cats. He doesnโ€™t care much about toys but he LOVES yummy treats. He gets so excited when he sees other dogs his size.

To learn more about Skippy or to arrange a meeting with him, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application:


Pure and JoJo!

Pure (the blind cat) and JoJo who was first found malnourished and neglected got a chance to taste the good life all the way in America … it took us months to find a volunteer traveler but thanks to our friends at Woofy Wishes, we were offered a chance to bring the kids to the US (via LAX) in less than 5 days. Our rescue partner in Iran, Sara Ghadersahi, and Pureโ€™s guardian, Angel Shanna, got the ball rolling to get all required tests (FIV/FeLV + FIP for Pure, CBC tests for both , and Leishmaniasis & HW tests for JoJo) and then the exit visa … and their boxes and …Their flight was due to take off crack of Dawn on Sunday. Another group was also sending 2 dogs in one crate. Qatar Airways had confirmed 3 crates (1 cat, 1 dog and 2 dogs) and had send us email confirmation with details. Unfortunately the ticketing agent denied boarding all 4 animals and insisted only 3 were allowed to board and refused to even look at the written confirmation Qatar Airways had sent to us! We had to make the tough decision of removing Pure. We are now desperately looking for another traveler willing to help us bring Pure to the US (any major US airport will do as we will handle the domestic transfer).
JoJo arrived at LAX and our wonderful volunteers Zora, her husband Ramin & Jenniferย were there to welcome him and he got to enjoy a slumber party at Jennifer and Shawnโ€™s. The next morning JoJo made his way up to Northern California thanks to volunteer transporters Hitasp, Michele and Cheryl. The next afternoon, JoJo ended up settling in with his foster to adopt family and their Iranian dog Luna who we managed to rescue back in late 2015. Stay tuned for more about JoJo. And please do keep us in mind if you or someone you know happens to be returning to the US from Tehran so we can bring Pure out.