Hermione’s GoFundMe Page

Hermione is one of many special needs cats One Planet Rescue managed to bring to the USA. She was born with radial hypoplasia and cerebral hypoplasia. Other than being a little wobbly and having twisty legs, these conditions never effected her and haven’t stopped her from acting like a normal playful kitten. Recently she has been having seizure-like episodes. These episodes seem to be from an issue not related to her radial and cerebral hypoplasia. They’ve caused her to chew at her paw three times in the past year. The last time it was to the point where she had chewed down to the bone. At this point the vet and her mama Shealah decided that the best thing to do would be to amputate the limb. They advised against a partial amputation because it would take longer to heal and there was the chance she would chew at it again. It’s been over a week since the surgery and she has healed beautifully and is already hopping around like before. She’s doing great now and we’re working on figuring out what these seizure-like episodes are so we can prevent them ❤ 
The surgery was expensive and we are hoping we can help Shealah with it. Please consider helping:

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