Hana: Adopted!

We’re so glad we took a chance on Hana. We were told she was dealing with cancer. Her medical records showed she was terminal and may be only has a few months before cancer defeats her. Thanks to Filomena Farms, who kindly offered to provide a hospice care for Hana, we arranged to fly her to the US to live the rest of her sweet life in peace filled with love and TLC. We took her in to be seen by the amazing Dr. Gonzalez of Kirkwood Animal Hospital in Campbell, California, and the rest is history! Although the previous vet said the mammary gland was inoperable, Dr G removed the tumor and our baby girl has a long life ahead of her. Of course her new mama will make sure and keep an eye out for any new lumps. Hana moved in to her new home in beautiful Pacifica, California. Stay tuned for more as we receive new updates!

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