Welcome, Auggie!

This sweet 7-year-old bear needs our help. We’re lucky to have one of our regular foster angels who stepped up to help take care of Auggie. The Apple Valley shelter, one of the highest kill shelters in California (and the same one that our Butter Bear aka Trucker came from), picked him up as a stray and named him Auggie. Listed as a Chow/Aussie mix, Auggie was very shy in his kennel and had clearly not lived a good life. This shelter doesn’t give dogs very long, and Auggie had started to not feel well, which was another strike against him. He’s got quite a story so far.

The short version: A rescue (Aussie Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada) stepped up, he was pulled from the shelter by a wonderful local foster, and when transport plans weren’t convenient enough for this rescue, while Auggie was getting more and more sick, the rescue suggested on *two* separate occasions that the foster take Auggie back to the shelter (!!), which would’ve been a certain death sentence. Despite pleading from the foster, the rescue offered no medical assistance for Auggie and stopped responding.

One Planet Rescue was then approached to take him on, and thanks to Goli, whoo offered to foster him, it was a done deal! He was finally taken to the vet down south and the poor boy has jaundice and pneumonia! Apple Valley Animal Shelter has cited this rescue for abandonment and alerted the shelter in their local area of Minden, NV.

Auggie spent a couple of days at the vet, and fortunately he’s responding really well to the meds and is finally eating (yay!!). His foster down south has been amazing (thank you so much, Dayna!). Thanks to support of the angels who pledged to help, we are able to get the medical care he needs. Auggie will be getting transported up north to Goli’s house once he’s well enough to travel, and she will continue nursing him back to health, physically and emotionally. He’ll be getting a new name too 🙂

Healing this baby may not be cheap but we KNOW it’s totally worth it. Even the hospital staff said Auggie was so sweet and would 🙂

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