Foster Me!: Shali

Shali (pronounced like Holly) has a chance to come to the US (via San Francisco) just in time for the holidays IF some wonderful family considers fostering her for OPR. Shali is a 2 years old, spayed Sighthound (possibly Saluki) mix. Here’s her rescue story by Sara and her family:
“One night when we were feeding our neighborhood street dogs we saw a few stray ones in the area we noticed Shali. She was wounded and had a hard time walking. She looked hungry too but the other dogs would not let her eat, so I fed her separately. It seemed like she was hit by car on her left side. Her left elbow, left hip, and even her left eye were all damaged. I arranged for someone to take her to the hospital at my expense. But I found out later that unfortunately they only worked on her elbow, and failed to administer her antibiotics, let her lick the wound, so it got infected. The vet warned me that she may even loose her limb if it’s not cared for properly. So I brought her to my house. She was full of fleas and tics. After we got rid of those we brought her in the house and that’s when we realized she was in a lot of pain in the hip area. X-Rays showed that her leg was broken around a month earlier. It required surgery but unfortunately a month later it did not heal as expected. This time she needed a bone graft which did the job. It’s been three months since then and she is walking and running all over the place and shows no sign of pain.”
We have tons of videos to show you how sweet Shali is. Just ask us and we will happily share, or you can find these videos on our Instagram page!

Please spread the word and help us find a foster home for Shali ASAP as she has a potential ride on November 21st. 

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