Alex’s Story

Alex, a sweet 4 year old Shepherd from Iran, arrived at Home For Life Animal Sanctuary on Sunday night November 24, and is resting and getting the care and love he so desperately needs. His story started back in Tehran, earlier this year in the summer. He was found outside a home unable to move. A kind hearted young lady found him and took him to a vet where it was diagnosed that the tendons in his leg were badly injured. He was also severely underweight; weighing about 61lbs, he had arthritis in his hips and needed to be neutered. He was kept in the care of the vet for about 2 weeks and underwent surgery to get neutered. One Planet Rescue got involved and with the volunteer network that has helped with countless other rescues we were able to start the process of bringing Alex to the USA where he could get the help he needed. Home for Life has been a sanctuary for many international cases, many from OPR and they agreed to take Alex in and help him recover and gain strength to live a good life.A traveler was secured, an elderly lady who was travelling to Connecticut, however the unrest in Iran caused a lot of worry and delays. Thankfully Alex was finally able to make the 24 hour flight to New York’s JFK. Then with the help of The Liberty Train and Rescue, another volunteer partner, Alex was transported by car to HFL. He arrived tired and sore from the journey but he is now safe and will be well loved and has the best opportunity at an active life. We are always thankful to all the selfless people who help in saving these voiceless ones.

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