Leo’s story

Leo was rescued from captivity in Tehran’s Shah-Abdul-Azim area. An addict who claimed his ownership had tied up Leo and two larger dogs who often attacked and dominated him. He was given some dried bread every couple of days and mostly was surviving on eating weed and grass. Most of his body especially his ears was covered in Mange. An anonymous person brought him to the shelter seeking cure for his condition but they never returned nor paid for the medical bills. He recovered at the shelter for the most part after six months except for around his ears which healed completely at his foster home later, and soon he was vaccinated, neutered and later we were approached to take Leo on. He arrived in the US via SFO a few days ago. He is settling in well at his foster home in San Jose. At around 2 years of age, he is quite social and gets along with cats and other dogs. He has a healthy appetite and loves to try new stuff. Stay tuned as we learn more about little man Leo!

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