Fostering Saves Lives! We at rescue receive several emails on a daily basis asking if we would consider taking on a new case. We receive these notices when the dog or cat’s time is up. Fluffy was one of them. His face reminded me of Milo who we rescued from Iran a couple of years ago. He too had cherry eye! Fluffy was dumped by his family at @baldwinparkanimalslaco late last month at age of 10. The notes indicate he was surrendered due to seizures…we reached out to our amazing network and received a couple of foster offers! Next we contacted the shelter to let them know we are working on the details while we reached out to our wonderful volunteers in LA area. @arezooshaytoon who is a nurse and working harder than most of us these days dropped everything on her only day off this week and drove out to the shelter to pull Fluffy for us. She then brought him home for a couple of hours until another kind volunteer @fariba.asgari.3 helped transport him to his temporary hosts Jennifer, her husband and their pack for a couple of days until a dear friend drives him up to NorCal where he will be fostered while we have him seen by our local vet. We hope to get a better understanding of extent of his seizure episodes so he can get the right dosage of medications to get a handle on it and we will also see if surgery will help with his cherry eye. 😍 Thank you to each and everyone involved in Fluffy’s last minute rescue. 🙏😇🐾 Please stay tuned for more

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