Smokey’s Story

Our dear friend Armani of @bravedogsadvocacy was evaluating Smokey the other day when we went to pull Jazz (now Reeva) from @sanjoseanimalcarecenter. He caught my eyes especially that the poor boy was skin and bones. We had someone lined up to foster Smokey but at the last minute, we learned his landlord was not thrilled he’s a pitbull, so I reached out to another Angel who had offered to foster for us and we were waiting for the right fit. Karen said yes without any hesitation! I pulled Smokey and we went straight to Dr Lim at Kirkwood Animal Hospital where he confirmed that Smokey had untreated diabetes mellitus for several weeks if not months. He’s also severely underweight and was dealing with an ear infection also. He received fluids, his ears were deep cleaned and we were sent home with insulin, ear meds and eye drops for his dry eye. It’s been 6 days since Karen has been taking care of little man Smokey and we can already see he’s gaining weight (slowly) and he even got to go to the beach with his lovely foster mama this weekend. Please stay tuned for more about Smokey. Please consider helping us when you can as without our supporters we would not be able to take on these wonderful dogs who have most likely been neglected most of their lives and need medical care. Oh and PLEASE consider fostering. We can help save so many more beautiful lives if we have families willing to foster for us.

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