Leila’s story!

Another lucky one leaves the shelter! Thanks to Priscilla & Duy who stepped up to foster @sanjoseanimalcarecenter ‘s “Yaki” (now Leila), she finally gets a chance to taste the good life! We were approached by @dawn_piazza of San Jose Animal Advocates group to take on a super shy girl who may not have a chance to avoid death row. Apparently her owners who had her since she was a puppy (now 8 years old) decided they could no longer keep her and they claimed she attempted to bite the owner when he tried to leash her up! (After 8 years? Wonder why?!)
When we went to the shelter (w prior arrangement), she was avoiding getting anywhere near us. It really worried me to take on another difficult case and again if it weren’t for Pricilla and her husband who stepped up to foster her (longterm), she wouldn’t be out today. We had the pleasure of going on a nice hike this morning which is only Day 1 since she’s left the shelter! Stay tuned for more about Leila as we learn all about her.

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