Meet Blue, our latest rescue! Arezoo, a dedicated volunteer who is one our authorized pullers based in SoCal reached out to me a couple of days ago about Blue. She found him loose around the corner from her house. She found out he’d been at the neighbour’s house since the night before. Intact with ears cropped, no chip, no collar. They checked with the local shelter in case he was reported missing. Nothing. He gets along with all her dogs. He has thickened elbow pads which leads us to believe he was kept outside. Arezoo posted about him on nextdoor and on pawboost, and a couple of other lost and found pages. No one has come forward. May be his luck has turned (for the better!). We agreed to take him on while Arezoo & her partner John foster him and learn all about him. (We plan to have him kid/cat tested soon). In the meanwhile we took him to the vet for an exam as she noticed a small sore between his toes when she first saw him. By the next day it swoll up. The vet confirmed it is a foxtail which requires to be surgically removed. He also has a mild ear infection. He seems to be in pain when he gets up, so X-rays are also in order to figure what’s happening with his hip or back legs. The vet decided to keep him overnight as it was late in the day and they needed to examine him to make sure he can endure anesthesia for today’s procedure. We figured he may as well get neutered while under. Please keep Blue in your thoughts and prayers today during his surgery and consider helping us. Without financial support of friends and animal lovers who follow our work, we would not be able to help these beautiful animals.

Please donate at the following link to help!:

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