Blue, is the sweetest 3-year-old blue-nosed pittie. This adorable boy was found hiding in the bushes in Granada Hills, clearly abused and scared. No one came looking for him, which was probably for the best. Once he realized he was safe and would no longer be hurt, we got to see what a good boy Blue really is.

He must’ve had a loving home at some point because he knows how to sit, stay, give a paw, and give kisses. Blue waits to be leashed, is potty-trained, isn’t destructive, and loves his ball. He’s not possessive of his food or toys and is generally a sweet, calm dog at his foster home, where he lives with five chihuahuas and a female pittie. He gets along with all of them and has shown no aggression.

Blue doesn’t need much exercise, but he does look forward to his 20-minute walks. He has a minor limp on one of his back leg that is from a blunt force, likely from his abuser, but it doesn’t hinder his mobility.

Because of his past, though, he doesn’t immediately trust and need to be properly introduced to people and other dogs. His love of his ball and treats go a long way in teaching him that not all people are bad. And on walks, he is not fond of other dogs and barks at them. He is muzzle-trained, though, and is redirected easily with his squeaky ball.

Blue is a good boy who just needs a loving home, with kids over 12 years of age, that will continue his training and show him how awesome humans can be. Do you have room in your heart and home for Blue?

Please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application and we will contact you to arrange a meeting:

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