Simba’s story

An animal lover tagged a post from Simba’s family with a title of “Free to a loving home with a home check”! Seeing picture of a beautiful pitbull with a free sign made me drop what i was doing and I read on. Apparently 12 months old “intact” Simba had some unknown medical issues and his family was going through financial hardship and couldn’t even afford to take him in to the vet for an exam. I later saw another rescue group’s name mentioned, so I assumed they stepped forward. Come to find out they had pretty much just provided info of a few low cost clinics. Simba’s owner messaged me and assured me that the rescue group is not taking on Simba. I arranged to meet this sweet boy and the rest is history! Simba’s mom said they know something is wrong because he cries and yelps at night time in particular when he’s laying down. Our wonderful vet doctor Gonzalez tried to examine him but since Simba wasn’t comfortable to get a full exam, we scheduled the neuter surgery for Monday (Jan 4th) and they took full body x-rays while he was under anesthesia. He had spent the weekend with my dear friends and former OPR fosters Azadeh and Craig along with their 2 dogs Ben and Hannah. Simba was very excited and interested in Hannah so he had really good days, but once again at night time and when he laid down, it was evident he’s in pain. We moved him to his new foster home after the neuter surgery (last night). He was still groggy from the meds during surgery, so he did okay last night but tonight he is displaying pain by crying and yelping. We did get the radiologist report:
“X-ray consult came back only with one area noted abnormal on his cervical spine (neck area).
There is narrowing of the vertebrae so it could be a slipped disc possibly. “
If it is a disc impinging on the spinal cord, he would need surgery to remove it
So I plan to take him in to sage ER tomorrow morning. To get further testing done if needed.
Please consider supporting us if you can, so we can handle Simba’s medical bills. 

Edit: A bit of good news is now that we know where the pain stems from, Jill who is fostering Simba is a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Yoga teacher.
She has now positioned him with blankets, while resting will help keep him comfortable. (Last picture in the above album)

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