Adopt Me!: Nafas


Meet Sweet Three-Legged Nafas!

If we had to describe this sweet girl in a nutshell, we’d say she’s a very good girl. Nafas is a mixed-breed tripod who’s about a year and a half old. In her previous life, she was a street dog in Iran, but she’s settled into her foster home in San Jose quite nicely. Even though Nafas is missing a back leg, she’s a bundle of energy who loves walks, running laps around the backyard, and playing with her toys.

Nafas (whose name means “breath” in Farsi) is a very smart girl who listens well and has a desire to please. She’s easy to train, and she picked up both her name and “sit” in just a couple of days. She’s also highly food motivated, another perk for training. Nafas walks well on leash and sleeps well at night. She’s even crate trained. What’s more, she loves cuddling, will seek out attention (even from strangers), and is a fan of belly rubs.

While Nafas is a bit scared of cars and loud noises, she’s getting more and more used to them every day. She’s also a bit weary of dogs she doesn’t know, but she’s shown that she can accept them with proper introductions and socialization. Nafas also currently gets an Adequan shot once a month to ensure that the muscles in her one hind leg stay strong.

If you’re looking for an easy-going, fun-loving young pup, look no further than our girl Nafas!

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