Adopt Me!: Bear

Meet Gentle Bear! Poor young Bear was apparently hit by a car and instead of rushing him to the vet clinic, his owners dropped him off in the parking lot of @seaaca shelter in Downey. Robin of SoCal Chow Chow rescue network and Johanna (another chow advocate) reached out to us and with their help, we found an amazing foster home for Bear. I reached out to one of our SoCal volunteers (Tanya) who dropped everything and rushed to SEAACA to meet and evaluate Bear. He had abrasions and open wounds, as well as noticeable dislocated hip but despite all of this, he was so gentle and allowed handling. Other than telling the shelter his name and age, the owners provided no other info and did not even bother to come in to the shelter. Seaaca sent out a notice in the late afternoon and gave us less than 24 hours to exit him, so we got the ball rolling and thanks to another kind volunteer (Ron) who picked him up later that afternoon and rushed him to amazing Dr Shoolman of Camino Pet Hospitel of Irvine, they took care of the open wound on his head that afternoon and by the next morning FHO surgery was performed. He was kept another night for observation until Saturday morning when his new foster family picked him up for the drive down to San Diego. Thanks to all who pledged to help and honored their pledges, we were able to take care of the expensive surgery and have no doubt with the amount of love and care by his foster family , he will be as good as new in no time! Stay tuned as we will share more about Bear and his new humans real soon. Friends: please remember fostering saves lives and we are ALWAYS looking for foster homes so we can rescue more beautiful dogs and cats.

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