Adopt Me!: Al Capone

Handsome and happy 7+ years old Al is a German Shepherd/ Australian Cattle Dog/ husky mix. Not only does his breed mix make Al handsome (and SO FLUFFY), it also gives him smarts and great focus. He already knows how to walk nicely on a leash, how to “sit” for a treat and offer his paw for a “shake,” and that he should potty outside! Al loves learning new things and is motivated by high-value treats, so is easy and fun to train.

Because Al was mistreated in his life before OPR, he needs a home where all family members have dog experience and are committed to training using only positive methods. Al is shy at first, but loves getting affection from people he trusts. He will ask for pets by putting his chin in your hand, then rolling over for a chest scratch and belly rub! You’ll know you hit Al’s tickle spots just right when he covers his big grin with his paws. The way to this loyal boy’s heart is through his stomach; if you approach him treat-first, he quickly will realize you want to be friends. Once you are in Al’s trust circle, he will let out his goofy side. He loves to roll around on the grass, catch toys in mid-air, and even to roll around while holding his toys! After a particularly satisfying session of catch, Al would like to cuddle up next to you outside, enjoying the breeze and watching the world go by.

A little back story about our boy: Poor Al was abandoned in a park during a July heatwave, tethered to a tree by a prong collar. He was taken from there to an animal shelter where the veterinarians failed to recognize a cancerous lesion. Al sat in a kennel for four months scared and in pain! Finally he was saved by One Planet Rescue. Al ended 2022 with the loss of his leg, but now is in remission. Al had a particularly rough 2022, and hopes that 2023 brings him a quiet, adults-only home where he can recover from beating cancer. FOSTER-to-ADOPT is an option! If you like to learn more about Al and arrange to meet him, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application:

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