Adopt Me!: Juniper

Introducing Juniper! This sweet, adorable 3-year-old girl came to OPR from our rescue partners in Mexico. They had received a call about a litter of puppies running loose in a lot, sadly getting hit by cars, so they came to the rescue. They were able to secure seven of the puppies and searched for mama Juniper until they found her. She apparently belonged to a local family who had never even given her a name in the three years she was with them, and they didn’t care if the rescue took her. Juniper is so smart and loving, we’ll never understand how they didn’t cherish her.

Juniper’s foster mom shares, “Juniper is a cuddly, loving, energetic dog who loves playing with people, dogs, and cats. She’s super smart and figured out the doggy door in a day, learned her eating spot within three days, and came already potty-trained. She’s crate trained but still struggles going in. Once in, she’s a quiet sleeper, but she’d prefer sleeping in bed with you, as she’s an expert cuddler.”

Are you interested in giving Juniper the love and adoration she should’ve had all along? She’s told us that she’s ready to review applications and just knows her perfect forever family is out there somewhere.

We will only respond to folks who submit this application:

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